Summer Bank Holiday BBQ Boxes from Field & Flower

Bank Holiday plans? Sorted. Weather? Definitely a liability. But Food?!? Always sorted. Thanks to field&flower. Now let's just relax and enjoy. 


Field&flower in an award-winning online butcher created in 2010 by farmers and friends James Flower and James Mansfield who wanted to provide quality meat and fish, ethically produced from sustainable, traceable sources. To offer the finest meat that tastes exceptional they source their products from independent West Country farmers and fishermen and work with selected chefs to prepare the recipes. 

Their gourmet BBQ boxes will take the hassle out of planning, cooking and running around with a shopping list as they are filled with a pre-curated selection of burgers, skewers and meats, fish and sauces.  

BBQ Feasting Boxes 

Summer Essentials Box (£22.00) 

Classic Burgers & Sausages Box (£22.00)  

Family Favourites Staycation Box (£30.00) 

Grill & Feast Box (£35.00) 

Simmer Picnic Box (£35.00) 

Garden Party Box (£42.50) 

Steaks & Sauces Box (£54.00)  

Chef’s BBQ Box (£85.00) 

You can also ‘pick and mix’ items and tailor your selection at their BBQ shop. 


The new summer collection includes: 


Slow-cooked BBQ meat: 

  • Sticky Cola Pork Ribs glazed with Coca-Cola  
  • Drunk Rum Brisket Burnt Ends  
  • BBQ Marinated Flat Beef Brisket and  
  • BBQ Marinated Silverside Joint.  

Marinated steaks and skewers: 

  • Asian-style favourites such as Char Siu Pork Steaks and Skewers, Teriyaki Chicken Breast Strips, and Sriracha Marinated Chicken Wings and Thighs;  
  • American staples such as BBQ Pork Spareribs and Maple Marinated Pork Belly;  
  • Indian inspired recipes including Gunpowder Chicken;  
  • Mediterranean essentials, including Lemon & Garlic Marinated Chicken Breasts, and Lemon & Herb Marinated Chicken Thighs.  

Exclusive “Black Label” cuts - premium medallions of Beef Picanha and Pork Medallions.  

BBQ classics:  

  • The dry-aged Longhorn Beef Burger  
  • Chicken Burger 


An array of sauces and condiments: 

  • Handmade hot sauces and rubs from Tubby Tom’s – including Smokey Schweet BBQ Sauce, Jalapeno & Lime Hot Sauce, Maple Bacon Dust Tip -  
  • Punchy salad dressings and vinaigrettes from Lucy’s – including her Garlic & Black Pepper Mayonnaise and Honey & Mustard Golden Dressing. 


So fire up your grill and enjoy the ultimate BBQ experience. 









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