The main character in our story today, both the superhero and the culprit, the reason for this whole madness is…drumrolls… (I can feel the excitement!)… the Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire!!!! (what a fancy name, try saying it ten times for fun)

The wonderful people at Magnum, in cahoots with MullenLowe Profero, decided the ice cream is too good just eat it, you need to taste, touch, see, hear and smell each of the indulgent layers of it that will take you to another level of ice-cream tasting.

It is all a thrilling dance of flavours and textures, the wedding between velvety double swirled ice creams, encasing layers of gooey salted caramel sauce and a crunchy shortbread biscuit covered in golden caramel cracking chocolate.



The virtual Magnum Pleasure Sensorium (we absolutely love saying the name, sounds almost sexy) offers a bespoke tasting experience of the Magnum Billionaire ice cream.

The aim is to identify each one’s own Pleasure Profile through a guided audio-visual experience using the sensory science of sound to increase user’s personal enjoyment by amplifying each flavour in turn for a truly tailored experience.

Close your eyes, put on your headphones, hold the Magnum in your hand, and enjoy this truly unique tasting experience.

What’s more, you can enter a competition for the chance to win a pair of exclusive Magnum branded headphones.



We all know Magnum surely knows how to put on a show, as seen in previous years' 'Design Your Magnum' pop-ups but this time they’ve exceeded expectations as they’ve created a pop-up at Old Truman Brewery where you get to literally step inside a giant ice cream.

The aim is to offer a unique experience of pleasure and the ultimate foodie experience for you pleasure seekers that will evoke all your senses which will make you question everything you thought you knew about food.

Imagine an ice cream wonderland, a multi-sensorial immersive tasting experience, a journey of discovery, a feast for the senses, to discover Magnum’s newest ice cream and it all culminates in creating your ultimate personalised Magnum Billionaire creation, with dipping station, unique sprinkles and amazing surprises along the way.

The purpose of this journey is to understand how our senses affect and alter our taste and in the end discover ourselves and find your 'Pleasure Profile' - a personal profiling system that reveals how your senses influence your taste experience.


Let’s step into this Willy Wonka-style wonderland, follow the golden maze and discover what is inside each luxurious ingredient and layer of the experience:

  1. The dream starts with The Chocolate Chamber of Sounds, where you will discover the golden caramel chocolate layer alongside the sense of sound.

You will receive a sample of the delicious Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire chocolate to taste whilst listening to a variety of slightly indistinguishable sounds at a low volume that will heighten your taste experience.

For example, the warm sounds will subtlety heighten sweet notes, then the taste of the caramel chocolate becomes muted and the sweetness level drops.


  1. The dream continues through a cracking door into the Biscuit Passage, where the spotlight is on the sense of touch.

Inside you will see a unique hanging installation which represents the crunchy shortbread biscuit found in MDGCB.

Here, you can feel your way around varying textures while tasting bits of the sweet biscuits and discover how touch can affect taste and asks yourself how crunchy you like your biscuit. But really, who wants a soft, mushy biscuit?


  1. Next, behind velvety curtains you will relax in plush interior of The Caramel Bath where you will explore the oozing gooey salted caramel sauce with your sense of smell in a luxurious space, with dancing projections, sounds and smells so be prepared for a caramel party in your mouth.

You are offered a gold spoonful of caramel and asked to smell two distinctly different scents: sea salt and burnt sugar, all while listening to two contrasting background sounds: the bubbling of lava and waves crashing on the shore.

Sea salt and burnt sugar perfumes transform the caramel and the taste of the caramel chocolate becomes amplified, and almost sickly sweet as the burnt sugar scent takes the caramel to a whole new level.

We personally loved the sea salt caramel as it may be one of the best flavour ever invented, as we are certain 99% of the globe would agree.


  1. Last but not least, The Core, a white space where you will discover how texture impacts taste. You are invited to take a seat at a splendid table and presented with two opposing textured spoons (wood and gold metal) to use when sampling the creamy vanilla ice-cream.

The small wooden spoon’s rough texture seems like it takes away some of the flavour of the vanilla while the gold metal spoon gives it a luxurious feel. One never realises what a difference a spoon makes…

On the table you can complete a form to identify your personalised Pleasure Profile and reveal what type of inner pleasure seeker you really are.

Our Profile had us perfectly located between sweet and savoury so… a Double Agent!


  1. The grand finale is The Layer Lounge where and you are awarded with your ultimate bespoke Magnum Billionaire topped with truly unique ingredients at the world-famous indulgent Magnum Dipping Bar, according to your 'Pleasure Profile' so you know that what you get will be spot on!

Our personalised Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire was topped with biscuit and crunchy caramel, activated charcoal sea salt, nori sheets and gold flakes. Woooooow!!!!!! Now if that is not special, we don’t know what is.


So, folks, the aim of all this is to you identify what type of “pleasure seeker” you are: Are you a Devoted Indulger? A Double Agent? Or a Savoury Escapist? Will your toppings be Popping Candy, Chilli flakes or Nori sheets? How exciting!


Conclusion: “Pleasure has more than one layer to life” (by the wise people at Magnum’s).


p.s. Before re-joining reality, remember to take a selfie in their bespoke design selfie wall/ backdrop, with your tailored Magnum!


The Important Stuff:


Thurs 15th - Sun 18th July 2021 - Ticketed time slots


Old Truman Brewery (entrance opposite Elys Yard, enter via Hanbury Street), F Block G4, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL


£10 pp


Book Tickets here

How long is the experience?

Approximately 35-45 minutes

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Renowned Food Artist and Anthropologist, Caroline Hobkinson

Sound experts Unusual Ingredients

Leading global customer experience agency MullenLowe Profero





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