The Perfumus Affair – Art Inspired By Fragrance

One exhibition that transports you to 10 different worlds through the artists’ masterpieces, alongside the fragrances that inspired them to be.

Runway Gallery and Aspects Beauty Company have curated a visceral journey for visitors at the exclusive Blacks Club, utilising the “mutual love of beautiful things” to power this unique poly-sensory exhibition.

We engaged with some of the creators at the exhibition’s launch, who were eager to add finer brushstrokes to the universes we found ourselves in – and we were eager to listen.

We indulged in GG Stokes’ depiction of striking fashion alongside notes of sea breeze and mountain air with ‘Oud Bleu Intense’ from Fragrance du Bois
We experienced the collision of unexpected urban and natural beauty in Evi Antoniou’s art, its symmetry and intricacy sitting alongside THoO’s fitting fragrance ‘Never Ending’

Our conversation with Pierre Guguen stuck with us. The founder of L'Orchestre Parfum throws another curveball into the mix, centring his process on feeling the scent of the story his instruments are narrating. Aptly, he describes himself as a perfumer and a musician. He shared the memories from which his inspiration was conceived - and in the moment surrounded by French Cowboy visuals, mesmerising tones of the Japanese koto, and the enduring scent of Esens Asakua, we could have sworn that Soho was a million miles away. You can take a listen to the audio and find out more on the background of his pieces here.

A poly-sensory masterpiece

There’s a lot to experience amongst the original artwork that drapes the walls of the Dean Street clubhouse. The pieces are powerfully brought to life by the lingering scents alongside the staggering visuals that capture the entirety of the moment. It’s not a regular exhibition. It’s more vivid, more real, more encapsulating. More commanding.

You can catch The Perfumus Affair at Blacks Club, Dean Street, London W1D 4QH until the end of October, and onwards from then at Jovoy Mayfair, 21 Conduit St, London W1S 2XP.




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