Swissline is a brand developed by skincare experts with a passion for skin biology and beauty. We would like to thank Christophe Lesueur, CEO of Dermalab, and Custodio D’Avo, Global Brand Director, responsible for product development, for bringing Swissline into our British homes. 

Swissline is more like a high-end medical spa brand and they are now with Skin Brands distribution company that also handle Medik8 and Revitalash in their portfolio. Swissline’s strategy for the UK is to be available in medical spas and possibly some luxury 5-star hotel spas.  

Even though Swissline is new to the UK, they have already been present for a few decades on other markets, such as Switzerland, Russia, Canada, Asia (historically this European brand started distributing here) and are now focusing on distributing more in Europe. 

Swissline’s expansion in UK puts London at the top of the pyramid, the priority, but they will be opening medical spas throughout UK and they will spread out in Ireland as well. 

They already have a strong followers base in UK thanks to online collabs/talks with doctors such as Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, Dr Soma, aesthetician Abigail James. 

The famous cell shock line, which has over 30 years of success has officially entered the UK market.  

CELL SHOCK is a line of skin care products that contain scientifically advanced assets, bio-mimetic botanicals that metabolize at the cellular level and cosmetic ingredients. 

In UK they will focus on two cell shock lines: 

Gold Cell Shock Line - For Classic/ Mature Skin: it is the best seller globally; it’s been around for 30 years so it has more loyalty.  

This is their oldest product but they have now launched a newer version because they constantly make small evolutions in the formula, such as making it paraben free.  

The product is suitable from an early age as it addresses the signs of aging you see in the mirror, which can happen when you are 38, 40 or 45, it is not about the passport age. 

Cell Shock Age Intelligence line - For Pharmaceutical /Medical Spa Approach: it is dedicated to the medical spas because is more healing, anti-inflammatory, for recovery from procedures/ interventions (fillers, lasers), which people undertake more and more at an early age, such as in their 20s. These are products with a calming component meant to soothe, to heal, to pacify and calm down things. 


The packaging 

There is always one star ingredient in cell-shock, which is marine collage. The new limited-edition packaging pictures the fish which is like an homage to the marine collagen, but you don’t see the fish at firsts glance, it looks like a fashion (floral) pattern. 

Where To Buy 

Available to buy online on their UK website (a bigger collection and more lines available on and The Skin Experts. 


The message on the brand has a certain truth to it, to be a voice advocating for these core values: skin biology, skin identical, ingredients that skin can really understand. Skin is an organ, is not a marketing playground, so there are some angles which can be very valuable going forward to distinguish the brand from others.  

They are not alone though, there are other brands which go along these lines and then you have those fantasy marketing brands promising to save the world, to seduce you, anything but the skincare, nothing is seen from the skin perspective, everything is seen from political and marketing perspectives. That is bad news for the skin long term because maybe you are using ingredients which have a nice story but your skin doesn’t agree with them.  

For Swissline the skin’s biology is the ruler of everything, you still need to see your skin, it’s health as well, it’s not only beauty, it is not obsessive anti-aging so they try to have also a positive message about some signs of aging. They are not that brand which promotes 10 products on top of each other for every single specific little area, they try to have very much flexibility, things that you can fix in the palm of your hand and layer less products in the end. Products that just stay in the beauty drawer are pure waste.  

They also respect some very basic rules: anti-inflammatory is the base together with hydration, but few people talk about inflammation (which only means your skin is reactive to the world). 

Sun protection is also something they play a lot on and try to offer a very nice texture so that you feel like applying it, because if it is not pleasant on the skin, then you as a buyer will not comply, you will use it for 2 days then give up and try something else. Skincare is still cosmetics; it needs to be sensual; pleasure is important. 

One of our favourite products is the Recovery Serum – a true hero, in the bottle is that message to “calm down, don’t do so much, don’t go so fast”. If you use too many wrong products and you feel like things are getting in trouble you go to this harbour to shelter back and switch off the complications, but you see the benefits and then you never learn the lesson, when its’ good again you start again making mess and experimenting. So, this hero is a must in your drawer. 

Swissline’s ingredients are sourced globally, from all over the world: for example, Switzerland is developing the molecules, which are more a pharmaceutical type of ingredient, as well as Germany, as they are very advanced. 

Some ingredients are from the US, other ingredients, such as Polimers and emulsifiers are from Japan, peptides from Russia, which are fantastic for pigmentation. Cooking the Michelin recipe is in Switzerland, except some sunscreens which are made in Japan, but the outsourcing is global.  

Don’t fall for the consumer level marketing of other brands that “you have to buy from me because only I have the secret recipe, the secret doctor”, so you are falling for that idea of exclusivity. But the reality is that if you want good skincare, you need to reach raw materials which come from the pharmaceutical industry, they are more cosmetic but still pharmaceutical. The role of the brand is to cook the right ingredients in the right recipe, is like a Chef. 

Ostensibly, the quality screening is a complex process. They select their ingredients from reliable sources to make sure the quality of the raw material is consistent. It may not always be the closest, sometimes the more reliable is a bit more distant. High end brands have an easier life because they have room to be choosier and that is why the products are supposed in the end to have a superior effect, because they dare to bring the best from here, the best from there. If you are very tight in your price structure you cannot do that, you have to buy close and cheap. 

One may know the saying: “I am too poor to buy cheap thing”, so rather invest smart in a more expensive cream than buy 10 bad products. 

Swissline focuses on products you will want to use all the time and that cover all your needs. Easy to love and easy to use. Superior quality and efficiency are the heart of our brand. And they use amazing ingredients to ensure they will work. Let us just say it again for the people in the back: they work! 







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