Jess Hunt Opens REFY Pop-up In Mayfair

Jess Hunt is a social media sensation, but she isn't only that. She launched her very own brand REFY in November 2020, and managed to conquer Instagram in just a few months. Happy 1 year anniversary indeed!

While the brand is usually online-exclusive, from the 11th to the 14th of November, its first-ever own-brand pop-up will open in Mayfair, London. The space will embrace an art gallery-esque design, with minimal decor that mirror the brand's simple aesthetic. There is a chance to test out the full range of products in person, shop the collections, and even meet the star herself who will be at hand to eagerly greet the crowds.

Jess Hunt was assisted by Jenna Meek, founder of Shrine (formerly known as The Gypsy Shrine), in the brand's inception

The Brow Collection will undoubtedly be near the centre of the action, featuring the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards and Elle Beauty Awards winner, the Brow Sculpt, which offers expert hold for the brows. The Brow Powder fills the gaps while the Brow Pencil perfects delicate enhancements, and the products come in light, medium, and dark shades. 

The Refy portfolio also offers a face range, which features a cream bronzer, blush, and highlighter, as well as an excellent dual sided brush. All products are formulated to easily achieve a natural look, but to also work well when built up for a more glam look.

The brand aims to create one-of-a-kind products that are catered based on feedback and comments on social media to address the needs and requests of real world people, for real world application.

In the US and Canada, the brand has recently been picked up by the one and only Sephora, so hopes are high for REFY to gain traction at larger UK-based retailers too. And if Jess Hunt's enthusiasm is anything to go by - there will be a lot more products in the works for more cosmetics fans to discover and love.

Remember - the Bruton Street pop-up is only open until 14th November, so make sure you drop by before then to see what the (justified) hype is all about!






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