Smeg Launches Galileo Range for State-of-the-Art Healthy Homecooking

Any adventurous eater who loves to masterchef their way around the kitchen will be thrilled by Smeg's latest innovation: Galileo, the brand new, state-of-the-art cooking technology for healthier and tastier food, with the added benefit of reduced cooking times. 

Smeg is quite the brand - an iconic Italian powerhouse known for slick designs & unbeatable quality, it's also known for big-name collaborations with brands like Dolce & Gabbana.

Galileo is set to be an industry-leader. It utilises a unique system of revolutionary technology that combines steam, microwave, and traditional cooking, and harnesses the benefits of each component - the even browning of the standard approach, the moisture, nutrient, and flavour retention of steaming, and the speeds of microwave cooking.

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The speed is notable, optimising the cooking process by up to 70%. It makes Galileo not only a great investment for the home, but also one for the busy schedule. For context, a whole roast chicken takes only 30 mins, and perfect roast potatoes only 20! A real culinary gamechanger.

There are 5 overs in the Galileo range - Omnichef (the flagship model), SteamOne, Steam100, Steam100PRO, and Speedwave.

Omnichef combines the very best of each mode. The cooking functions can work either independently, selecting functions one after another (MultiStep), or simultaneously (MultiTech), offering seven different cooking combinations. It's all controlled through VivoscreenMax, its highly intuitive screen, and can be activated with over 150 pre-set recipes. 

The ovens have softening, melting, steam injection, air frying, and sous vide functions, as well as the inverter and stirrer which delivers cooking evenness. Furthermore, it comes with useful accessories, including enamel trays, refractory pizza stone, reversible BBQ pan, and air fry pan.

The inspiration behind the name stems from the father of science himself, in the spirit of the oven interior redesign that boasts new baffle design in the cavity for improved air flow.

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Galileo will be rolled out across three of Smeg’s its best-selling ranges of built-in ovens: Dolce Stil Novo, Linea and Classic. Prices range from £499 for the “Classic Speedwave Oven” through to £3499 for the “Dolce Stil Novo”.

Smeg promises to revolutionise the home cooking experience with Galileo, and we are definitely sold. It's healthy, tasty, and time-efficient - the perfect recipe.



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