Synchronicity Scents Unifies Wellness & Spirituality Through First Candle Collection

Annick Knutsen, modern-day lifestyle entrepreneur and founder of Synchronicity Scents, describes the brand as one where nature, wellbeing, and spirituality meet. Taking inspiration from the comfort she found in the synchronicity of the universe, she introduces a beautifully balanced collection of five candles, each representing an emotion or characteristic – destined to be a conduit for strength, personal wellbeing, and inner peace.

The gorgeous candles in the collection draw inspiration from a specific human state of mind – Hope, Transform, Love, Strength, and Compassion. Each has a gentle pastel colour and a distinct but delicate fragrance, but also a spiritual link to a winged creature elegantly depicted in silver on the design. This stems from Annick’s belief in guardian angels and their ability to send us messages, through sensations, feathers, and indeed nature and winged creatures.

The brand was born from a quiet home meditation space; a product of valuing the strength and peace it brought Annick while navigating a challenging period in her life. It was the journey towards her own wellbeing and self-care that enabled her to discover the inherent connection between meditation and nature. She describes both as “healing powers”, using the ritual of lighting the candle in the process and “letting the scent envelop you”.

Love’ symbolises joy, playfulness, and adaptability in an all-embracing but tender scent with notes of clementine, geranium, olibanum, and clove, with the patchouli and rose is rounded off by a creamy vanilla. It’s sweet and optimistic, but nourishing and nurturing in a pink pastel that fosters positive energy.

Strength’ is about energy. Aptly represented by bees, the notes are grassy and floral with bergamot and jasmine, with a kick of zesty lemon and fresh sage to stimulate resilience, bravery, and focus.

Transform’ brings comfort and calm to periods of great change and challenge. The delicate balance in familiar rosemary, lavender, sage, bergamot, and green tea are intertwined with subtle floral notes, bringing a magical sense of courage and empowerment to embrace change.

Hope’ offers an uplifting blend of floral jasmine, citrus, and exotic ylang ylang, complimented by vanilla, oakmoss, and lavender. It’s bright and mood-boosting, but also encourages quiet reflection and calm while reinforcing positivity and optimism.

Compassion’ encourages understanding and kindness, and an almost childlike simplicity in finding joy and embracing life. The soothing camomile, vibrant bergamot, and peppery basil stimulate the mind and open the heart, while musky sandalwood, neroli, and cedarwood nourish the inner harmony.

The 220g candles have a 40 hour burn time, and in the spirit of goodness, are housed in glass vessels with the intention of repurposing. They also use FSC-registered paper in production, and have inner and outer packaging that is fully recyclable and biodegradable without the need for industrial processing. It’s wellness for the individual, and for the universe.

The candles are powerful and transformative, and it is clear that Synchronicity Scents is not solely a candle brand. It provides a sense of grounding in a dynamic world that so frequently finds itself without one, a guiding compass for challenging times, and indeed a vessel for reconnection of soul to the synchronous universe.

The scented candles are available from Liberty London and Synchronicity Scents.




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