London’s Favourite Plant-based Eatery Mildred’s Expands to Covent Garden with Spring Menu

London’s favourite plant-based restaurant has expanded into St Martin’s Lane, delivering with it an upgrade to the already impressive Covent Garden food scene. It offers a modern and relaxed space with a fresh, bold colour palette, contemporary lighting, and a real artistic flare – and a spectacular Spring selection to compliment Mildred’s already uncompromisingly iconic menu.

Plant-based dining nowadays isn’t too hard to come by in London – and Mildred’s is probably the place to thank for that. Championing spectacular vegan menus for over 33 years, and delivering delicious traditionally inspired cuisine to vegans and non-vegans alike, it has been eagerly accepted and cherished, and indeed paved the way for the excellent culinary variety that exists today.

Whether it’s a light bite or a full dinner, there’s an array of small plates, mains, burgers, and desserts ready to be cooked up. But there's also a refreshing new range of new homemade blends, smoothies, mocktails, and cocktails to be tried. The refreshing Lychee Rose Martini is a clear must-try, as is the Banana Hazelnut Old Fashioned for something a little stronger.

This is one for 'the camera sips first' fans.

The signature small dishes include Confit Garlic Labneh served with Zhoug & Blistered Primavera, Roman Artichokes with Panelle, Roast Pepper Pine Nut Cream & Basil, and the unique Spinach Gyoza, Daikon Pickle, & Orange Lime Ponzu. It's a versatile set of flavours across the menu, and one of each can easily be ordered as a whole meal of sharing plates to explore.

The Tempeh Laab Club Cultured with Prik Nam Pla Dressing is all about combinations of flavours against the crunchy leaves and herbs to form this creative small dish.

The Kiri Hodi with Kadhai Masala Sweet Potato is one of the most popular mains orders at Mildred’s, and with good reason. It comes with Spinach, Pea Basmati, Lemon Amchar, and Cashew Coconut, a pleasing blend of notes for a satisfying and filling plate. Also on offer is the Bokkeumbap with Kimchi Fried Rice, Crispy Salt & Pepper Clean Bean Tofu, & Nori, and of course the classic Mildred’s Ranch BBQ Chick’n Burger with Chipotle Sauce & Dill Pickles – one of the closest matches in taste and texture to actual chicken we have tried.

The Katsu Hot Dog, our new Mildred’s go-to order. But if you enjoy a slight kick, the Korean Fried Chick’n Burger with Kimchi, Gochujang Mayo, & A Fragrant Herb Mix is a fantastic flavoursome choice.

The menu winner for us is the Katsu Hot Dog, served with Pickled Daikon & Katsu Curry Sauce. While it may not be the most photogenic of choices, we guarantee the flavour bursting from the filling and crafted condiments more than makes up for it. And with a side of Sweet Potato Fries, soft on the inside and perfectly crispy on the outside, you may be forgiven for almost forgetting to leave room for dessert.


The final part of the menu is packed with indulgent vegan sweet treats, including a rich Caramel Cheesecake with Blackberry Coulis & Caramel Popcorn, a White Chocolate(!) Almond Tiramisu, and a Faux Rerro Cake with a thick Chocolate Sauce, Hazelnut Praline, and Chantilly Cream.

The hot against the cold; the soft against the crunch; this is a front-seat ticket to Faux-Rerro paradise.

The Spring menu is fresh, vibrant, and innovative, and a real crowd-pleaser, with some delicious surprises thrown in – we’d challenge even the most sceptical of visitors to leave without at least one dish to write home about. Mildred’s has always been a big believer in delivering premium choice to those with alternative dietary preferences, and while the message is important, it pinnacle will always be about excellent food. And yet again, the team has done a top-quality job.

Mildred’s Covent Garden is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and (of course) weekend brunch – you can find it at 79 St Martin’s Lane, WC2N 4AA.





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