Nettie Zane Wakefield Collaborates with POAN for Mindful Statement Collection

British artist Nettie Wakefield launches unique capsule collection, named ‘Ocean Trash’, in collaboration with London-based designer label Peoples Of All Nation.

Image: Nettie Wakefield

The items on the rails are, at the very least, staggeringly impressive. From the vivid colour mixes and creative cuts to the precise manner in which the fabrics falls, there’s an impossible impulse of intrigue that urges for a closer inspection.

'Bra Ocean Trash'. Image: Nettie Wakefield

As admirers are immediately drawn in, it’s clear that Nettie Wakefield has masterfully used fashion as both a medium and a global language to convey and engrain her message to as many people her art can reach.

Image: Nettie Wakefield

The collection is a reflective narrative on the wasteful nature of humans and its frequently overlooked impact on everyday life. With POAN, she presents a powerful condemnation and creative highlight of commonplace occurrences from the polluting of the seas to the harm of animals, issues close to the hearts of both partners of the collaboration.

'Laura Playsuit Ocean Trash'. Image: Nettie Wakefield

There’s a juxtaposition between the cheerfulness of the palette and the poignancy of the subject matter, which makes the collection even more intriguing. The original art was produced as watercolour and pencil pieces several years before, and Wakefield speculates that the attention they have recently drawn has been a product of the need for vibrant colour post-pandemic – and the collaboration is brimming with that.

'Cropped Kill Jacket Ocean Trash'. Image: Nettie Wakefield

The Print itself is printed on linen, made in Florence, and the pieces are strictly limited edition – in line with the minimum-impact concept. The capsule collection is a true work of art, an immersive experience, and a social statement all in one, and the artist certainly has a knack for turning heads. And eager for more collaborations in the pipeline, we can’t wait to learn more of what she has to teach us.

'Ikarus Shirt Ocean Trash'. Image: Nettie Wakefield

You can discover more about Nettie Wakefield and her works, including the Nettie Wakefield x POAN SS22 ‘Ocean Trash’ capsule, here.





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