Tomb Raider: The Live Experience Invites Adventurers In

London loves an immersive experience – and Tomb Raider: The Live Experience, which hits Camden’s Stables tomorrow, will be no exception. Produced by the brains behind the ever-popular Crystal Maze Live Experience in the West End, there are great expectations behind the latest instalment. We took it for a test run to see if it really lived up to its hype.

The challenge, and the premise of the story, is to collect and save as many crystals as possible though different parts of the journey through the lands far away. You’ll need to dig, hunt, solve clues, and jump down into a black abyss that will really test even vaguely acrophobic nerves. There’s obstacles and the infamous zipline too, which while we think looks more thrilling in the promo clips, will definitely be a highlight for many an adventurer.

The storyline is also important, adding a purpose and providing some vital hints on what’s coming up. We won’t reveal too much – the surprise factors are well worth experiencing in person. But we will say you won’t be bored, and the variety of scenes going on around you will mean that you’ll be constantly immersed and impressed throughout your journey.

To maximise your enjoyment of the experience, it might be better to consider this interactive theatre. It isn’t like other live experiences like Crystal Maze or an escape room, which hinges on interaction – the actual activity portions of Tomb Raider Live are more on a supporting role basis rather than the headline act.

The theatrical elements along with some top-notch acting, however, do make this an exhilarating ride in one of the most well-produced and meticulously designed sets we’ve ever seen. And with an entertaining, gripping storyline, and the inevitable personal investment that comes along with it, you’ll be gasping and laughing and enthusiastically cheering well after that final crescendo...

This is an hour of time exceptionally well spent.

You can find out more about Tomb Raider: The Live Experience, and book tickets via the official site here. You can find the experience at The Stables Market, Lower Basement & Upper Basement Atrium, NW1 8AH.



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