Batiste Moves into Organic Space with ‘Naturally’ Dry Shampoo, Inspired by the Power of Plants

Batiste has answered calls from its gigantic fanbase, introducing its brand new ‘Naturally’ range. Inspired by nature and made with 100% natural extracts, the new releases harness the power of plants to liven and refresh hair between washes in the best possible way – and with the best possible scents.

Anyone worth their weight in hair product is familiar with Batiste. The brand has played a prominent role in the billion-dollar industry, propelling dry shampoo as a crucial addition into the routines of the masses. Now, it moves into the organic space, releasing three exciting new products for dry shampoo fanatics and hair care explorers to enjoy.

The new range gently cleans hair without water, instantly restoring lightness, volume, and absorbing excess oils without stripping the strands’ inner moisture – all with an invisible finish. The new vegan-friendly formula uses rice starch at its core, and is packaged with 40% less packaging that is also recyclable.

The Green Tea & Chamomile acts as a hair ‘detox’, with multifaceted herbal notes wrapped in a creamy sandalwood and suede blend, while the Bamboo Fibre & Gardenia guarantees extra lift through its vegan-friendly silica and tapioca starch, with an elegant white floral fragrance coupled with watery nuances of cucumber, bergamot, and lemon. The Help & Coconut Milk has received stellar feedback in particular, its softly sweet formula calming flyaways and super-hydrating the hair with a tropical, beachy scent that’s perfect for the summer.

If you’re a stat-lover like us, you’ll appreciate this – did you know, Batiste manufactures 240,000 cans in the UK each day, and sells over 2 cans every second(!) globally? If that isn’t a definition of success, we aren’t sure what is.


You can get your hands on the new range through the usual retailers including Boots, Superdrug, and large supermarkets, at £4.25 per 200ml can.




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