Park Row: Welcome to London’s DC-inspired Foodie Universe

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London’s first Batman-themed restaurant serves up an absolute must for all foodies, DC lovers, and Insta-hunters alike – and there’s more to it that just its infamous Blue Boy portrait cocktail. If you want a place to dazzle and impress along with a top-notch meal and Marvellous drinks, this is where to head to next.

On an unassuming corner of Brewer Street, lies Park Row – or, what can easily pass as the real life Gotham City. Eager diners enter the huge subterranean space through a hidden door in a library full of relics, newspaper clippings, and portraits of the Wayne family, descending through atmospheric spiral steps and into the Park Row universe.

The five sub-restaurants adopt detailed elements from various Batman plotlines, from The Rogue Gallery adorned with forgeries of real-life stolen artwork, to Old Gotham Lounge inspired by Joker’s living room. It’s all overlooked by an imposing Penguin, perched at the peak of the Iceberg bar in a cloud of alluring mist.

The menu itself is flooded with references, too. With a core offering of steak, caviar, and seafood, there’s also novelties like nitro popcorn and edible balloons. Each dish has a themed twist – the ‘Scales of Justice’ starter comes on an actual gold scale with cold scallops on one side and warm ones on the other; the potato croquette ‘Bird Feed’ comes with native lobster, crème fraiche, and a healthy dose of caviar.

The presentation is creatively flawless. ‘I Kinda Like It’, an immaculately cooked Creedy Carver duck breast and plum compote, is served on a painting, while ‘The Trench’, a Cornish stone bass with brown shrimp crust arrives to the table in a chest.

But it’s the desserts you’ll be snapping away, the ‘Kiss From A Rose’ being a theatrical nitro display of lychee rose mousse, white chocolate, jasmine yoghurt, and ice cream.

The attention to detail isn't just in the design and intricate decor - it's also in the food itself, with imprints and meanings and interactive elements.

This isn’t one to visit on a tight budget – officially partnered with Warner Bros, you wouldn’t expect it to be. But what you pay for isn’t just the food. It’s a full-on immersion, with creative twists, high-quality entertainment, and premium production value.

If you’re feeling even more adventurous, the gastronomic show at the Batcave’s Monarch Theatre offers a culinary and visual journey with the help of floor-to-ceiling screens and 360-degree projection mapping. There’s hands-on puzzle solving, a deliciously creative set menu, and an abundantly rich narrative featuring DC universe’s most iconic heroes and villains.

It’s the Easter eggs and subtle but unmistakable nods to the Batman storylines that will thrill DC fans. Much like the unremarkable façade that does nothing to betray the universe that lies beneath, there are few spoilers here. But expect self-serving whiskey, more nitro spectacles, and a cool electro swing soundtrack featuring the likes of Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace to keep you entertained throughout the evening.

London simply loves a concept restaurant - the bolder, the better, it says. And while many fall spectacularly flat on their face in their attempt, Park Row much to our delight is not one of them. It’s theatrical, authentic, and fully immersive – and its one hell of a meal.




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