Base Plus Champions Personalised Skincare Powered by Science

Base Plus offers over 200 data-driven, unique product variations of its skin solution, 100% tailored to your skin type, tone, and texture. It’s straightforward, systematic, and scientifically backed – and the brand has been making waves in the skincare world with its results.

Founder Yasmin Greenaway has made it her mission to demystify the clutter that is the current skincare scene. A scientist by academia, a financial business analyst by background, and a skincare revolutionary by nature, her impressive profile places her in the best possible position to eliminate the jargon, the ‘one size fits all’ model, and the need to decipher cryptic codes in order to know what you’re feeding to your skin.

The brand takes care of the hard work, enriching the purity and wisdom of nature with the precision and rigor of science. The formulations are heavily rooted in data, using points such as dryness, dullness, fatigue, and fine lines to feed into smart algorithms and machine learning that harness the data and tailor the treatments each time. There’s a small number of bases, which target various basic requirements around weight and texture, and the personalised ingredients are then added in to create a personalised potion for the perfect wear.

For you, the task is simple. There’s a 5 minute quiz to help the brand understand your skin, concerns, and goals, and it builds a routine of 100% custom formulas in the form of a Daily Moisturiser and a Good Skin Serum, that are then delivered to your door, ready for you to start your journey with.

Other than making waves in the world of skincare, Base Plus is also training its science to play its part in saving the planet. The data trends from customers are used to accurately forecast inventory needs, minimising ingredient wastage. The ingredients themselves, while not yet 100% organic, will aim to be so in the near future to reduce greenhouse gases and emissions, and the packaging choices have been made around recyclable materials and environmentally friendly inks and bottles. Plus – each order results in £1 donated to the rainforest alliance. As Yasmin remarks, it’s “skincare for the planet”.

And for any sceptics out there – the brand has a 90-day guarantee. Scientifically, skin cells can take at least 28 days to turn over, and the available data suggests optimal results are reached around the three-month mark. By day 90 if you haven’t met your skincare goals, Base Plus offers a free reformulation.

Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all approach. It’s highly specific, targeted, and almost impossibly easily accessible from a simple 5 minute online interaction. The answers lie in the science, and we are absolutely sold.


You can explore all that Base Plus has to offer, and dive into your free consultation to unlock your new routine and access your personalised formulations here.




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