Explore the Art of Coffee with Bridge Coffee Roasters from the Heart of London

A mid-stream coffee roaster with almost 37 years of knowledge and expertise under its belt, Bridge is more than well equipped to make a simple sip of coffee into an entire experience. We sat down with the coffee roasters with a freshly brewed cup for a behind-the-scenes peek at how they deliver their mission.

The story started back in 1985 in Bristol, where founder Bernard Devenish first started selling coffee, fuelled by a deep passion for quality backed by “good old fashioned customer service”. 3 generations on, and this remains the crux of Bridge’s success, serving thousands of customers grow their own sales.

An expert in each step of the end-to-end process, the dedication to meticulous inspection of every component in the coffee journey, from crop to cup, has been unparalleled. The communities behind the coffee at origin and the welfare of the planet is central to the company’s cause, maintaining that coffee should make the world better for everyone, regardless of which part of its journey you reside in. Bridge sources, roasts, supplies, services, trains, and serves, with giving back as the reoccurring theme throughout – whether through supporting local initiatives or promoting equality and better farming practices.

Along with the obsession to ‘do right’, comes the wealth of experience and education that classroom training can’t teach. From deep market analysis and establishing fair payments and pricings to creating expert blends and immaculate customer-facing relationships, it’s the understanding of how it all fits together in a seamless manner that makes the company as rewarding for its people as it is successful – both in finances and reputation.

While the coffee itself is all certified as Fairtrade, Organic, and part of the Rainforest Alliance, the team maintains that certifications are not just badges, but principles.

The Explorers Collection takes you around the world on an exploration of flavour, with each component being 100% traceable to a specific farm. Blended origins coffee beings about a unique flavour profile that proves that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, with three seasonal blends that have been a hit with larger buyers and consumers alike.

Discovery 1 combines Brazilian and Colombian beans to present plum, chocolate, and caramel flavour notes to deliver rich yet sweet coffee. Discovery 2 blends flavours of Colombia, Guatemala, and Kenya for a more acidic twist to an otherwise chocolaty espresso, with notes of salted caramel, cocoa, and jam. Discovery 3, one of our favourites, brings the perfect marriage of flavour with creamy nuttiness from Sumatra and stone fruit sweetness from Brazil, producing a distinctively rich, full taste of hazelnut, chocolate, and cherry notes with a perfect crema.

Single origin coffee, on the other hand, provide a more orthodox clarity and simplicity, offering a delicacy where you can ‘taste the culture’ behind each bean. From Rwanda’s super sweet acid notes, to Ethopia’s high quality floral and citrus flavours coming from the renowned Yirgacheffe coffee region, there is something for everyone to drink as is or create their own personal blended favourites.

This is only a peek of Bridge’s portfolio. There’s Amico craft coffee inspired by the topography if the Apennine Alps, Hugg hot chocolate encapsulating Scandinavian decadence and indulgence, and a wealth of beautifully constructed gift sets that are well worth a look in the run up to the festive period.

HQ now sits in Cardiff, which doubles up as a roaster and a showspace too. There’s roaster tours, equipment demonstrations, and even training sessions on a daily basis. In London, Bridge has taken over part of Table Place Chairs in Clerkenwell, which offers a collaboration space, a roaster showcase, and tasting sessions and demonstrations in ‘the vaults’ downstairs. Whether you are a caffeine newcomer, a ‘no coffee, thank you’ drinker, or a bean connoisseur, there’s something to be learnt from a drop in – you can book yourself in for a fascinating afternoon right here.


If you’re not London or Cardiff based, fear not - to find out more about Bridges, explore their products, and get your hands on their bestselling blends, you can visit Bridges online here.



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