Where Science Meets Poetry: Luxury Brand ARgENTUM Unveil Les Parfums Infinis, Along with New Notting Hill Concept Store

Luxury British brand Argentum have released their debut fine fragrance collection, Les Parfums Infinis, inspired by elemental symbology and divine numerology. The collection offers a signature scent and 12 editions of alcohol-free eaux de parfums that are kind to both skin and hair.

The fragrance journey began seven years ago with the creation of signature scent ‘BECOME’, which opens today’s new collection as edition 0. The rest of the collection is made up of editions 1 to 12, inspired by the brand’s different archetypes – twelve symbolic images, captured in scent, to reflect inherent energies within us all.

The scents are as intricate as they are striking. They elegantly yet definitively tell their stories through the progression of meticulously layered notes, infusing the symbology of fire, air, earth, and water, while combining divine numerology to merge as 12 BECOME 1. The archetypes are Creator; Sage; Magician; Caregiver; Hero; Jester; Innocent; Rebel; Explorer; Ruler; Everyman; and finally, Lover.

BECOME, edition 0, offers a deep scent of herbaceous citrus wood, blending a masculine base with feminine intuition. It inhabits a place of harmony and love.

7 years in the making, the creation of the collection was no easy task. Founder Joy Isaacs worked closely with renowned perfumer Delphine Thierry in Grasse to develop each symbolic image into a scent which is both magical and timeless, with Isaacs noting the time spend with Delphine a personal highlight of the journey.

Injecting an element of luxury in every component, there is a 925 sterling silver talisman within each fragrance lid, which can also be collected and worn as a necklace or bracelet. The fragrances themselves are housed in a beautifully crafted box, designed to look like a book, and encouraging a creation of a bibliotheque of parfums.

RULER, edition 10, is an air floral spiced fragrance which balances strength and integrity with honour and responsibility. Fresh jasmine, tuberose and rose reveal a disarmingly crisp, green, yet spicy heart shot through with ginger, pink peppercorn and juniper berry - laced with sparking citrus and amber.

For Argentum, it’s more than just about the scent. The brand utilises patented Water Plant Emulsion WPE technology to protect hair and skin. Each fragrance has been created without chemical solvents and alcohol agents, while delivering a long-lasting concentrated formula that also helps to soften and moisturise skin and hair – unlike traditional fragrances. The technology stems from innovative micro-emulsions of oil and water to generate a milky blend, fully embodying the brand’s dedication to the delicate synthesis of science and nature.


Each 70ml fragrance retails at £228, with gift sets at £280. You can learn more about ARgENTUM’s science and browse their collection here. Their Notting Hill concept store is also now open – you can drop in to experience the scents and enjoy a hot drink at 119 Portland Road, Notting Hill, W11 4LN.



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