Monopoly Launches New Travel Game Through Immersive Experience

Monopoly is opening an exciting immersive travel experience pop-up aimed at educating children about countries and the many wonders of the world.

Their research, carried out by Research Without Barriers (RWB), has found that 2.3 million 5-12-year-olds British children know more about virtual worlds than real cities and are unable to name more than ten real-world countries.

The latest edition Monopoly's classic board game, Monopoly Travel World Tour, aims to help kids learn whilst they play by replacing the properties and roads on the board with far-flung destinations and experiences, bringing real locations around the world to life. Players buy destinations, complete travel goals, and stamp the dry-erase gameboard with their token stamper to win.

Monopoly will be hosting an immersive travel experience pop-up that allows families to explore the Great Barrier Reef, build the Great Wall of China and enjoy the festivities at Colombia’s Carnaval de Barranquilla.

At the end, visitors will have the opportunity to enter a competition to win a trip to any of the destinations on the Monopoly Travel World Tour board game.

Best of luck!


When: November 11 and 12

Where: Noho Studios, London

Tickets: The experience is free to attend


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