Josie Natori Launches Natori Lingerie in Europe

Josie Natori (Josefina Almeda Cruz) crossed continents, navigated varying careers, and surmounted countless obstacles, to create a global brand, Natori, which had its official European launch on the 22nd of January 2023 in Paris.

Four decades old, the company is a lifestyle brand that includes lingerie collections (Josie Natori, Natori, Josie and N Natori), sleepwear, the Josie Natori ready-to-wear collection, home textiles, bath, shoes, leg wear, fine jewellery, fragrance and accessories such as eyewear.

Josie believes that “Natori is a concept of living based on an East meets West sensibility that  brings art into life”.

“I believe glamour and luxury are the great rewards in life, but I don't think you need to compromise comfort for style".

Natori is a woman-founded, woman-led and family-owned brand. Owning their own production factory in Manila, Philippines and working with a team of artisans skilled, has allowed Natori to remain a true-design driven company which focuses on detail.


Celebrities wearing the brand are Lady Gaga with their famous Feathers Bra, Nina Dobrev, Julia Garner, Jenna Dewan Chantilly, Ariana Grande (with the Chantilly Lace Bustier).

(image: Natori)

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