Pierre Marcolini Embraces Springtime Theme for Delectable Easter 2023 Collection

Maison Pierre Marcolini needs no introduction. The award-winning Belgian chocolatier’s world-class confectionary has been enthusiastically championed by Londoners and chocolate lovers world-wide, due to its authentic story, its diligence in quality and innovation, and masterful creations that are enjoyed through key celebrations and indeed across the year.

Of course, no excuse is needed to indulge in the master chocolatier’s incredible creations, but here are our top four highlights from the Easter collection to make the 2023 celebration just that much more special:

Egg on Lily Pad

This stunning Easter egg is designed as an aesthetic delight as well as a rich treat of irresistible flavours and textures. The egg rests on a lily pad topped with a chocolate egg, decorated with a hazelnut praline, cashew nut crisp, and crystallised caramel shards. Resting atop is a white chocolate dragonfly to complete the centrepiece.

Little Easter Animals

In continuation of the springtime dragonfly theme, this delicious box of animal chocolates represents the springtime rejoining of the main character’s many animal friends, including the caramel bunny and its friend the dried fruit bunny, as well as the the vanilla and salted caramel birds. There’s also a spectacular hazelnut praline bell to complete the party, sounding sweet music for the wondrous gathering!

Create Your Own Water Lily

The delicious DIY kit is the perfect and tastiest to spend Easter Sunday afternoon. A magnificent game designed by chef-chocolatier to be assembled before enjoying: a water lily prepared by his team of artisans to be assembled by two, four or six delicate hands!

On a delicious hazelnut praline milk chocolate base, it’s down to you to assemble and create each petal, alternating between dark and milk chocolate, of this beautiful water lily.

Box of Praline Eggs

Perhaps our favourite addition to the Maison Pierre Marcolini portfolio is this box of praline eggs, embracing the charm of the Easter Egg hunt and inclusion of flavour favourites across the collection. Inside there are 12 praline treasures: almond praline and sesame nougatine in a white chocolate shell, praline with pecan nougatine in a milk chocolate shell, and even a praline with hazelnut nougatine and caramel shards in a dark chocolate shell. It’s enchanting and delectable – and offers something for everyone.


You can shop the Easter collection, as well as the rest of the Pierre Marcolini creations both instore and online right here.


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