DFS Reveals How to Curate the Ideal Feel Good Home

DFS has always had a long-standing relationship with UK consumers. A known go-to when it comes to home furnishing and living space design, the brand has developed a passion for helping customers create homes that not only look good, but feel good too – and it’s dedicated a lot of research to perfecting the balance between function and feeling.

The new DFS studies reveal that three in four people (73%) agree that their living room is a sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life, whilst two thirds (66%) believe the décor of their home impacts their mood.

Creating the perfect room is a mix of art and science, and DFS has adopted the stance that each home should feel as unique as its residents. Over half (56%) of Brits believe the design of their living room is not perfect, but 36% can’t put their finger on what the problem is. With 50 years of furniture design expertise to draw on, DFS is well suited to create a space that meets customers’ style needs, and the demands of their busy lives.

Sanctuary aside, homes should reflect personalities, and also be a place to replenish mental and emotional energy. They can be a source of joy through use of vibrant colours and playful patterns that exude personality, they can be welcoming spaces that encourage socialising using curved furniture pieces that invite open conversations, or they can provide an escape from the day-to-day, by transporting to far flung destinations through tactile textures, sunburnt shades, and exotic accessories.

This Summer, DFS wants to inspire people to create optimistic homes to support their health and wellbeing, and has curated a series of trends to evoke five moods – joy (injecting energy), connect (creating meaningful relationships), inspire (seeking adventure), calm (encouraging respite), and rest (getting a good night’s sleep).

Joyful Home trends: 

Dopamine Brights: a happy hued trend turning everyday essentials into statement pieces

Pretty Opulent: an expressive trend combining a feminine colour palette with a restrained use of floral accents

Connected Home trends

Gather: a minimalist trend that cleverly uses rugs, colour blocking and multipurpose furniture to create defined zones for social and inclusive spaces.

Inspiring Home trends

Nomad: this trend curates a world of inspiration and travels to the four corners of the globe from the comfort of your sofa. Afrocentric patterns are a must this season.

Coastyle: channel your inner Diane Keaton and embrace this sophisticated trend that connects the coastline to the interior.

Calm Home trends

Nature Luxe: Inspired by the natural world, furniture shapes have become more organic and textures are reassuringly tactile with touches of elegance and indulgence throughout.

Restful Home trends

Rejuvenate and restore: palette of warm sunrise shades that uplift and invigorate. Try pairing a statement velvet bed in warm sunshine yellow or coral with complementary tones.

Serene and calm: Start with a luxurious bed such as the Grand Designs Edinburgh bed in a sumptuous shade such as midnight blue or jade green. Then, go bold with colour on your walls and layer rich shades such as Dulux’s Emerald Glade and Village Maze, to create a sophisticated, cocooning feel.


You can browse the latest from DFS, and shop for your own home sanctuary right here.


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