Stink London Embraces Refill Revolution with Home Fragrance Subscriptions

Stink London is doing things differently in the home fragrance world. While candles and disposable diffusers saturate a market heavily engaged by those looking for the element of luxury, the brand aims to eliminate wastage and save consumers money by offering diffuser refills of their incredible scents as a subscription service.

One of the best aspects of Raye the store, the pop-up shop aimed at providing a platform for emerging and ethically-conscious brands to showcase their innovations, is the exposure to fantastic concepts such as the one offered by Stink London. The seasonal store shines the spotlight on creative ideas that have somehow slipped the mainstream market and remain in the quadrant of the ethically positive – and Stink London ticks all of their boxes.

Stink London is all about impactful, decadent scents for the home, but is also heavily invested in eliminating waste and reducing the carbon footprint. The ‘hardware’ of their diffusers is meticulously designed, with the reeds themselves created to last forever, while the fragrance itself is run on a subscription model. It means that all customers need to pay for is the top-up, rather than needing to repurchase the entire product from scratch.

Currently, there are three gorgeous scents to choose from. ‘Room With a View’ combines tonka, magnolia, and amber for a fresh fragrance with an element of depth through subtle floral undertones; ‘Get a Room’ incorporates woody and spicy notes for a charmingly warm aroma; and our favourite, ‘Work the Room’, offers a bold, empowering combination of coconut, citrus, and neroli for a perfect signature to summertime.

The brand is also a proponent of handing back the power of choice to its customers, with the subscriptions not being tied to a particular fragrance. Customers can choose to either stick to their signature scent, or switch the scents seasonally at the click of a button.

The initial reed diffuser costs £55, with the option to subscribe for a new refill each 3 months which drops the cost to £49. From then on, each refill is just £45, or £35 when purchased as part of an ongoing subscription. It’s easily managed, 100% flexible, and great value for money for the luxury scents without the premium markup.

As Stink London so succinctly summarises: perfume quality, cruelty-free, and UK made – luxury scents just became accessible.


You can learn more about Stink London, as well as create your subscription, right here, or you can discover the incredible scents in person at Raye the store at 8 Market Street, London E1 6DT, until the end of July.


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