HOP Vietnamese Brings Spirited Streetfood from Hanoi to the Corners of London

HOP Vietnamese serves up a vibrant and multi-sensory experience along with delicious on-the-go dishes packed with authentic flavours straight from the streets of Vietnam.

July saw the opening of the brand new Bond Street branch, an energetically uplifting space that transports curious commuters and hungry shoppers alike to a vivid neon-lit city in South Asia. The space is saturated in a gloriously unique riot of colour, texture, and design, with carefully curated soundtracks and brightly flashing ordering kiosks infused with authentic detail.

Three minutes is all it takes for guests to walk in, place their orders through the recently revolutionised digital kiosks, and walk out of the door with their fresh, made-to-order meal. It’s not your everyday takeaway – there’s simplicity in the offering, with the ability to customise and play with proteins, vegetables, and flavourful sauces to build a masterpiece that hits the exact spot.

The name HOP derives from ‘cái hộp’ meaning ‘box’ in Vietnamese and is taken literally with the invention of the ‘HộP Box’ - a complete meal with protein, steamed fragrant rice, shredded salad, pickled and green veg.

The menu boasts a rich array of the eponymous HOP Boxes (from £7.95), including the ever-popular Lemongrass Chicken Box and creamy Pork Coconut Curry Box, soul-warming Pho Bowls (from £8.45), and nutritious Bun Noodle Salads (from £7.95). And while HOP prides itself on its fantastic service, it’s the aromatic, top quality, and ultra-fresh ingredients that make the experience of its made-to-order menu truly exceptional.

For rushed commuters, the mouthwatering Banh Mi Baguettes (from £7.15) are the ultimate go-to, served in a lightly crusted baguette with Viet herbs, shredded salad, pickled veg, and a secret signature sauce. The Caramel Chicken Banh Mi is packed with delicately chargrilled caramel chicken and drizzled with a spectacular sriracha mayo, while the Pulled Mushroom Banh Mi offers a delicious plant-based take on the Vietnamese favourite.

Worth noting is the brand new breakfast range exclusive to Bond Street (for now), serving up Vietnamese-inspired soft Brioche Baps (from £4.25), hot Breakfast Pots from £4.45 (including the best-of-everything ‘Full Monty’), and refreshing fruit and granola Yoghurt Pots (from £3.75).

A top tip – the Bubble Teas (from £4.50) are not to be missed. While the Traditional Milk Tea remains a firm favourite, there’s an indulgent Condensed Milk version which will turn any sweet-toothed visitor into an immediate HOP regular.

Whether it’s a quick meal on the go, a take-away treat, or an explosion of authentically South Asian flavours to transport you to streetfood paradise, a HOP Vietnamese visit is the new Londoner must.

You can find HOP Vietnamese at London Wall, St Pauls, Trafford Centre, and now Bond Street, with more soon to come.


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