Love Ocean Launches Sustainable Bath Range & Gift Sets for Children

New sustainable brand Love Ocean has launched an ocean-inspired, refillable, natural bath range for children, helping families play an active role in environmental conservation both through responsible choosing, and through contributing to Love Ocean’s own sustainability initiative that is funded with every bottle sold.

Launched June 2021, Love Ocean is a range of bath-time products designed to be loved, refilled and reused – and to help to protect our oceans from plastic waste. Founded by mum-of-two Gabi Jennings, who was inspired to address the disposable nature of children’s products, the brand’s signature whale tail bottle is intended to become a cherished part of every family’s bath-time routine. Tactile and inspiring, it will serve as an ever-present reminder of the importance of ocean conservation, uniting parents and children in a conversation about living more sustainably with the world around us.

For Earth-loving parents and children, gifting (especially at Christmas) can be a minefield of disposable gadgets that can be well-meaning but ineffective at putting into practice the sustainability they promote. The Love Ocean range offers perfect, thoughtful gifts ranging from the Whale Tail Starter Kit (RRP £17.98, now £15.00) to the Limited Edition Gift Set (RRP £30.00) which includes the signature bath bundle along with a gorgeous cuddly ‘Little Blue’ whale soft toy from the KeelEco range from Keel Toys.

Love Ocean collaborated with award-winning packaging designers Pearlfisher to create a bottle that would help change the way we view plastic. The result is Love Ocean’s signature refillable whale tail bottle. The bottle is produced from recycled plastic and all product lines are fully recyclable. It is designed to be cherished, refilled and reused. Iconic and engaging, it’s an ideal way to introduce children to the beauty and importance of protecting our oceans.

The Love Ocean ethos is one of education and community and launches with a content-rich site – – designed to encourage and inspire just that. Founded on the belief that we can only be successful in our conservation efforts when we change our behaviour as a society, busy mum Gabi understands the pressure of making better choices for your home and your children:

‘Running a home is full-time job on its own and sometimes improving our sustainability footprint falls to the bottom of the list. With Love Ocean I wanted to create a brand where doing the right thing is made easy – if we can all do one small thing like reusing and refilling the products we use on a daily basis, collectively we can make a big difference.’

Love Ocean has partnered with the Plastic Bank to fund the removal of the equivalent of 1kg of ocean-bound plastic with every bottle of Love Ocean sold. Plastic Bank work with local plastic collectors in Haiti, Philippines and Indonesia. Individuals receive goods and services from Plastic Bank in exchange for the plastic materials they collect to help them provide basic family necessities such as groceries, school tuition, and health insurance – a scheme that has revolutionised recycling eco-systems.


You can shop the Love Ocean range, as well as learn more about their story and initiatives, directly from Love Ocean here. Products are split into Bottles, Bundles and Refills with prices ranging from £5.20 to £22.00, with the Limited Edition Gift Set priced at £30 and the Whale Tail Starter Kit at £17.98.


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