Clearspring Launches Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Organic Okumidori Matcha

Leading authentic Japanese and organic fine food specialist Clearspring is launching an exclusive limited-edition Matcha to celebrate the brand's 30th anniversary: Clearspring Organic Japanese Ceremonial Grade Okumidori Matcha.

The limited-edition Organic Okumidori Matcha has been specially selected by Clearspring's tea master Nagata-san. Okumidori, meaning 'deepest green', is a superior, artisanal matcha from Wazuka, in Uji, Kyoto, a place steeped in eight centuries of matcha history. Of all the tea fields in Japan, fewer than 5% are dedicated to growing Okumidori Matcha, which makes it so valuable.

The tea leaves used have been shade-grown for 20 days before being harvested to increase chlorophyll levels which gives the matcha its vibrant green colour and unique flavour. Only the freshest and youngest tea leaves have been selected from this year's first harvest. Once picked, the leaves are stone-ground to create a fine, bright green powder which has a naturally smooth taste, whilst delivering a rich umami flavour.

Clearspring's limited-edition Okumidori Matcha has been sustainably grown and produced to the highest organic standards, whilst working with nature and encouraging biodiversity. This allows the tea leaves to develop a full and rounded natural flavour and offer all the benefits of organic green tea powder matcha.

Maria Dawson, Managing Director at Clearspring said:

"We have been working with our tea master Nagata-san for the past 30 years and delighted to be launching this Limited Edition Organic Japanese Okumidori Matcha together. We wanted to offer something extra special for our 30th anniversary, and this Matcha delivers on taste, quality, uniqueness and sustainability.

"This limited edition, Okumidori Matcha is best enjoyed when made to a traditional matcha recipe, simply with warm water, to fully enjoy the delicate flavour nuances it offers."

The limited-edition launch, a first for Clearspring, offers Clearspring's supporters and Matcha connoisseurs the change to enjoy the taste of a unique, ceremonial grade matcha, whilst raising a delicious cup of authentic Japanese tea to mark 30 years of Clearspring. Clearspring will be donating £1 from the sale of each pack of its Limited-Edition Matcha to long-term charity partner and community cookery school Made in Hackney.


Clearspring Limited Edition Matcha is available to purchase from select independent stores from September as well as online at


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