Treat Yourself to Premium Health & Beauty this Valentine’s with John Bell & Croyden

You need not wait until Valentine’s Day to treat yourself or a loved one to premium health and beauty – but the calendar milestone offers the opportune moment to do exactly that, and boost your number one with the gift of wellbeing.

John Bell & Croyden has been a firm favourite for skincare and health fanatics all across the UK, stocking only best-in-class, scientifically excelling brands, and the latest innovations turning heads of the industry for all the right reasons. Amongst the impressive portfolio of product powerhouses, here are some of the top picks this February to provide the ultimate boost for the year ahead:


ILAPOTHECARY Kiss and Tell Set – RRP £37

This ultra-nourishing hand-to-lip duo comes in a cool urban sustainable clutch, fending deep hydration and moisture. Beautifully light & non-greasy, ’smelling of roses hand cream' combined with the famous ‘Express lip balm' (5 sold every minute in Asia!) leaves lips soft, restored, and delicately sweet with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

INTUISSE Active NAD+ Cleansing Lotion – RRP £50

The refreshing, non-greasy Active NAD+ Cleansing Lotion gently removes light makeup and impurities. The patent-pending, high-absorption Active NAD+ combined with centella asiatica encourages microbiome and skin health while protecting from daily aggressors, inflammation and oxidation. This is the ideal skincare routine addition for a smoothed and softened complexion, and an uplift of confidence to tackle any barriers ahead.


THE UNIVERSAL SOUL COMPANY Positive Energy Ultrasonic Diffuser Aura White + 15ml Still Essential Oil – RRP £130

The remote controlled, ultrasonic aroma diffuser, with colour changing mood light, has been created to purify, humidify & delicately infuse clean fragrance, with aromatherapy benefits, whilst working on multiple sensory levels, to de-stress, relax & uplift you, for optimum well-being. Also a beautiful night light to gift a great night’s sleep! It comes with a special blend of oils, which includes pure Lavendin, Lavender & Patchouli to uplift & relax in equal measure.


It’s easy to forget that our skin doesn’t stop at the hairline. This 3-step kit cleanses, balances, nourishes, and soothes the scalp so that hair is able to thrive. It includes Hair Renew Pre-Wash Scalp Treatment, Hair Renew Active Scalp Serum and a Quartz Scalp Gua Sha remove product buildup, intensely moisturize, reduce redness, flaking, oil and itchiness and promote visibly longer, fuller hair.


LYMA Skincare Serum (50ml) and Cream (50ml) Starter Kit – RRP £495

Setting a new standard in anti-aging potential as the first formulation bio-engineered with 80:20 ratio of active ingredients to water, LYMA Skincare aims not just to care for skin, but to empower it. 30 days is all it takes for this simple two-step protocol to reverse conditions associated with skin aging thanks to its breakthrough epigenetic technology. It improves skin hydration, firmness, elasticity, and reduces redness. And the next best part? The starter kit comes with two remarkable metallic refillable dispensers that serve as a beautiful reminder that wellbeing is worth more than its weight in gold.

CURRENTBODY SKIN RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Device – RRP £299

This radio frequency facial machine for skin tightening and anti-ageing is clinically proven, working through bipolar radio frequency waves passing through the skin, penetrating deeper layers of skin where collagen is formed. When the skin resists these waves, it heats up, resulting in better circulation and immediate collagen production. The device uses Skin Sense Technology every 0.004 seconds to safely deliver the most effective RF energy best suited to individual resistance levels. This never-before-seen technology is a must for great skin condition maintenance.


You can learn more about John Bell & Croyden, browse the incredible portfolio of products, and shop the ranges both in store at 50-54 Wigmore Street, London W1U 2AU, or online right here.


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