Pancake Day: Too Good To Go Reveals How Brits Go the Eggstra Mile with Toppings

Too Good To Go’s research has revealed that Brits are willing to go the eggstra mile to use up leftovers this Shrove Tuesday, even going as far as trying out whacky new combinations to hit that pancake spot!

The average Brit is set to spend £7.72 on pancakes or ingredients this year, with 1 in 8 (12%) spending between £10 - £15. However, this could all be a flippin' waste, with nearly 1 in 9 (11%) admitting to wasting two pancakes and 10% of us throwing away three or four pancakes.

But it's not all bad news - despite lemon and sugar being the favourite pancake day topping for over a third of Brits (34%), we're open to trying new weird and wonderful toppings this Pancake Day, including some which could already be in our kitchen cupboard!

The research reveals that nearly 1 in 5 of us want to try pistachio cream (19%) or marshmallows (18%) on our pancakes this Pancake Day, whilst some of us are opting for savoury flavours with a fifth wanting to try cheese (20%). Nearly 1 in 7 of us want to try peanut butter (15%) or smoked salmon (15%), and some of us even want to try marmite (7%), pickles (6%) or gravy (5%)!

To help minimise the huge potential for food waste and to save money this Pancake Day, Too Good To Go's UK and Ireland Country Director and food waste expert Sophie Trueman has put together her top tips and recipe ideas to help keep costs down and avoid any unnecessary waste:

1) Repurpose leftover batter

If you cover your leftover batter and put it in the fridge overnight, it'll be perfectly fine to use the day after, or save until Sunday to turn into Yorkshire puddings! Alternatively, you can cook it into extra pancakes and keep them in the fridge to eat the next day.

2) Use up your fruit bowl

1 in 7 of us say bananas are our favourite pancake topping (14%), yet 1.4 million bananas are thrown out each day in the UK. You can save your overripe bananas by making delicious gluten-free pancakes. To make 4 banana pancakes just mash a large banana, stir in 2 eggs, add a pinch of baking powder (check it's gluten-free) and a splash of vanilla extract. Cook the batter as you would a normal pancake mix. Top them with a fruit compote made using any slightly squidgy berries leftover and you've just rescued the unloved fruit bowl!

3) Save tasty toppings from going to waste using Too Good To Go

Food-saving apps like Too Good To Go are a great way to enjoy tasty toppings all at a lower price as they are saved from going to waste! Simply download Too Good To Go and choose your location to see what variety of fresh fruit and vegetable options are available at supermarkets like Aldi, Morrisons and more!

4) Get creative with leftovers

The great thing about pancake ingredients is that they are so versatile! If you end up with extra eggs, milk and flour after your pancake feast, there are lots of options for using these up. How about whipping up an omelette for breakfast the next morning? You could even get super sustainable and try making this leftover clementine cake with any slightly sad oranges you have at home.

If you’re looking for some more inspiration, here are the top sweet pancake toppings Brits want to try:

  • Honey (23%)
  • Pistachio cream (19%)
  • Marshmallows (18%)
  • Jam (17%)
  • Yogurt (12%)
  • Sprinkles (11%)
  • Kiwi (9%)

And if you’re looking for something less sweet, here’s the verdict on savoury pancake day toppings Brits want to try:

  • Cheese (20%)
  • Peanut butter (15%)
  • Smoked salmon (15%)
  • Eggs (12%)
  • Avocado (12%)
  • Chilli (8%)
  • Tuna (7%)
  • Marmite (7%)
  • Black pudding (7%)
  • Beans (7%)
  • Pickles (6%)
  • Haggis (5%)
  • Gravy (5%)

 You can find out more information about Too Good To Go and food waste initiatives right here.

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