Team Behind Skin + Me Delivers Personalised Skincare with ‘And Begin’

And Begin has launched in the UK, a brainchild of the team behind skincare favourite Skin + Me, offering prescription skincare that delivers across different phases of life. It promises that “your skin can have it all” – and it certainly delivers.

The hero product on the agenda is The Revolution, the aptly named nightly serum-in-a-cream that harnesses the brand’s proprietary ‘1,2,3 Age Management System’. The three-step approach introduces an intelligent technique that generates personalised formulas simply and succinctly, while effectively addressing individual skin goal:

1) Core Prescription Ingredients (Tretinoin – 0.01-0.1%, Azelaic Acid – 5-15%): comprised of expertly chosen and evidence-based potent ingredients, they elicit visible and meaningful improvements to lines, hyperpigmentation, and firmness.

2) Cosmeceutical Actives (Matrixyl – 3%, Acetyl Hexapeptide – 2%,, Hyaluronic Acid – 1%, Ceramide Lipid Complex – 1%): the defined complex of powerful ingredients are added at proven percentates, concocting the perfect combination to address age concerns and advance radiance, smoothness, and luminosity.

3) Soothing Hydrating Blend (Niacinamide – 2%, Oat Kernel Extract – 1%, Bisabolol – 0.5%, Ectoin – 0.5%, Pomegranate Extract – 0.5%, Pro-Vitamin B5 – 0.1%): a personalised blend deeply nourishes and moisturises, improving skin tolerance to the core prescription ingredients. This key benefit is what sets The Revolution apart from standard prescription skincare.

The brand operates on a crux of simplicity and direct effectiveness. Each decision is grounded in an absolute understanding of both the mechanics of midlife skin, and the determination to meet the expectations of the women it aims to champion.

Though targeted at meeting the skincare needs of women in their midlife, particularly those looking for a wider scope of effective ingredients that do more than the hydration and enhancements found in traditional premium skincare, the personally prescribed formulation acts as a nourishing powerhouse to take the condition of skin to the next level, no matter what the stage in life.

So where do you begin? It all starts with an online skin consultation, with an upload of 4 makeup free pictures. A designated And Begin Prescriber then works to develop a personalised ‘The Revolution’, which is sent out in a 30ml bottle within a week.

Already in the pipeline are a host of other products honed to deliver for midlife skin and more. The team comments:

“As a default, every And Begin product will address the universal concerns of lines, luminosity, pigmentation and firmness as a baseline function. We take an edit of the very best ingredients that work synergistically, holistically and specifically for midlife skin. All at clinically proven efficacious levels.”

Signing up for auto-replenishment means you’ll become an And Begin Member. Becoming a Member will mean joining a thriving community of midlife women who are all on their And Begin journey, who will have first access to products, a say in building the brand, exclusive access to And Begin events, and more.


You can find out more about And Begin, and sign up to start your own skincare journey with a free consultation, right here. The prescription nightly Serum-in-a-Cream (30ml) lasts 6 weeks, and is priced at £39.99 with the ability to cancel online at any time.


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