Nivea Extends Groundbreaking LUMINOUS630 Range into Body Care

Nivea, the trusted go-to brand for over two million women, has launched two brand new products - NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Anti Stretch Marks Body Oil-Serum and NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Anti Stretch Marks & Dark Spots Body Cream – building on the success of its Cellular LUMINOUS620 Face Care range that also uses the groundbreaking patented ingredient LUMINOUS630.

Expanding into body care for the first time ever, the products have been made with a skin-tone-balancing formula, helping to even out skin tone and reduce stretch mark visibility.

The Anti Stretch Marks Body Oil-Serum (100ml, RRP £14.99) helps to significantly reduce the visible marks caused by hormonal, pregnancy and weight changes, with first visible results after two weeks. The oil-serum formula infused with LUMINOUS630 balances the skin’s natural melanin production, levelling the contrast that can appear between different parts of the skin. The effect can also be achieved on older stretch marks and regular massages of the Oil-Serum could help prevent new marks from forming.

Similarly, the Anti Stretch Marks & Dark Spots Body Cream contains a 48-hour moisturising formula which other than reducing stretch mark visibility, also tackles sun blemishes and pigment spots within four weeks of regular use. Working alongside the Anti Stretch Marks Body Oil-Serum, the multi-benefit cream features a light texture and fast-absorbing formula. Balancing the skin's natural melanin production, the Body Cream significantly softens the contrast between stretch marks and the surrounding skin, making even older stretch marks appear less noticeable.

Tried and tested, 95.4% of women confirm the effectiveness of the LUMINOUS630 Even Skin Tone range, and would continue to use the products to maintain the results achieved.

The root of the powerhouse formulas is enzyme LUMINOUS630, the outcome of a decade-long research effort and two-year lab development by Nivea scientists, meticulously screening and testing over 50,000 molecules. This enzyme is what plays that crucial role in melanin production in the skin, and molecule number 630 proved effective in balancing pigmentation and reducing the visibility of pigment spots – hence the name.

Both new products are fortified with Nivea’s proprietary LUMINOUS630 ingredient, joining the existing range of 6 products that form the trusted foundation of skin routines across the globe. The full range now consists of:

  • NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Anti Stretch Marks Body Oil-Serum (100ml)
  • NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Anti Stretch Marks & Dark Spots Body Cream (200ml)
  • NIVEA Cellular LUMINOUS630 Anti Dark-Spot Advanced Treatment Serum (£32.99)
  • NIVEA Cellular LUMINOUS630 2-in-1 Anti-Age & Dark Spot Serum (£32.99)
  • NIVEA Cellular LUMINOUS630 Skin Perfecting Post-Acne Marks Serum (£32.99)
  • NIVEA Cellular LUMINOUS630 Anti Dark-Spot Day Fluid SPF50 (£26.99)
  • NIVEA Cellular LUMINOUS630 Anti-Dark Circles Eye Treatment (£26.99)
  • NIVEA Cellular LUMINOUS630 Anti Dark-Spot Even Tone Night Cream (£26.99)


The new products are currently available from Amazon and Tesco, and will be available in Superdrug from March 2024 and Boots and Sainsbury’s from April 2024.


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