Emma J Shipley Introduces Exclusive Maximalist Mural Wallpapers

Emma J Shipley, multi-award-winning British homeware and accessories designer, has collaborated with CLARKE & CLARKE to launch a stunning collection of dramatic mural wallpapers. Designed with maximalists in mind, the scale of the murals powerfully transform walls into immersive works of art in true Emma J Shipley style.

Emma J Shipley prints are unmistakeable. They begin life as intricately hand-drawn pencil designs, inspired by Emma’s adventures around the globe – in the case of this collection, the Costa Rican cloud forest, South African savannah and the Scottish Highlands. Her organic process transfers her memories and imagination to paper, creating striking patterns that bring life and adventure to each home they adorn. The mural wallpapers feature resplendent Quetzals, mythical creatures and African wildlife, transporting admirers to the fantastical Highlands, enchanted forests and the wild plains of Emma’s imagination.

Designed to be hung as either a triptych (Cloud Forest) or quadriptych (Highland Wonder and Lost Adventure), each roll measures 205.2cm (total width) x 300cm (height) and is supplied in either three or four sections ready to be cut and hung.

Emma J Shipley remarks:

"I’ve been dying to create mural wallpapers for some time as they can be larger and bolder than traditional repeat wallpaper…This collection is bold and fantastical, with designs inspired by three different places I’ve travelled to for inspiration. With their large scale and dramatic colour, I hope these murals will take people away to another world, creating a fantasy adventure within your home.”

The magical wallpapers are currently available in five distinct designs:

Cloud Forest - Available in Ivory or Teal (RRP £349) – Embark on a journey to the enchanted cloud forest with this mural wallpaper. Inspired by the magnificent ‘resplendent Quetzal’ bird, this design will bring the magic of nature into your home.

Highland Wonder - Lagoon (RRP £385) – Go on a magical trip to the Scottish Highlands with this mural wallpaper. Inspired by tales of the Loch Ness monster, prehistoric creatures and fantastical stories, this design will transport you to a realm of magic and wonder.

Lost Adventure - Midnight OR Quartz (RRP £385) – Discover a lost world, in this mural wallpaper inspired by the adventurous tales of Jules Verne, and the captivating wildlife of Africa. This design will transform your world with animal magic.

Emma J Shipley has rapidly evolved into a globally recognised, award-winning label, featured in prime department stores worldwide. Since its inception, Emma has cultivated partnerships with high-profile brands, such as Atelier, Swarovski, and Anthropologie, and has also collaborated with the likes of Disney for her Star Wars collection, and Aspinal of London for her printed leather bag collection.


You can shop the new Emma J Shipley Mural Wallpapers, as well as browse the rest of her collections, directly online here.


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