Nivea Supercharges Micellar Water with Serum Power in UK First

Nivea’s new duo of micellar water formulas are infused with serum for deep cleansing and thorough makeup removal without the need for rubbing, all while fortifying the skin with essential ingredients to maximise its hydration, freshness, and defence abilities.

As we turn to makeup to generate a fresh, even complexion or to capture that radiant glow, skin can often end up looking dull or uneven as we inadvertently strip away essential goodness from the skin as we scrub away makeup – sometimes with abrasive substances – or even neglect to cleanse thoroughly enough and allow the day’s pollution and grime build up.

Nivea’s new micellar water forumulations aim to combat makeup removal from both angles, leaving skin deeply cleansed, moisturised, and restored for that perfect natural glow. The new products combine the effectiveness of the existing no-rub micellar water with an Amino Acid Complet with a 5% serum concentration, a first for the UK market and an innovation that achieves stellar performance as well as accomplishing one of the basic steps in any skincare routine.

The deep cleanse formula of the Nivea Regenerating Serum Infused Micellar Water effectively removes up to 100% of waterproof makeup, impurities, and dirt with just a few gentle swipes. It leaves no greasy residue, setting the stage for your skin's optimal overnight regeneration. Enriched with a 5% serum of panthenol and squalene, it enhances the skin’s natural regeneration processes and fortifies its barrier overnight.

The Nivea Skin Glow Serum Infused Micellar Water is infused with a 5% serum with vitamin C and E, with a bi-phase formula that is activated when shaken. It fortifies skin cells with energy and hydration, and its Amino Acid Complex removed up to 100% of make-up and impurities easily and with no rubbing necessary.

Micellar waters have gained popularity as cleansers and makeup removers due to their micelles, or surfactants known for their highly effective cleansing properties and low potential for skin irritation. They are renowned as reliable all-rounders in facial cleansing, particularly valued for their makeup-removing capabilities.

This new generation of Nivea products is a major advancement in easy-to-use, streamlined skincare, standing as a more-than-worthy competitor for the famous pink-lidded micellar water currently leading the market.


You can purchase Nivea’s Regenerating Serum Infused Micellar Water and Skin Glow Serum Infused Micellar Water for £7.99 (RRP) from Sainsbury’s and other leading beauty outlets such as Boots and Superdrug.

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