Emilia’s Crafted Pasta Vegan Feast

Emilia’s Vegan Feast

“We craft our pasta as they do in the small trattorias in Emilia Romagna. Fresh every morning”

We’ve had the pleasure of an exclusive evening of vegan pasta feasting with the founder Andrew Macleod, special guests, bloggers/influencers and other friends of Emilia’s.

The dinner bagan with a started of salads and bread,followed by 4 types of pasta:

  1. Pistachio and basil pesto with sautéed cherry tomatoes. Say hello to their most colourful VEGAN pesto yet, a basil and pistachio pesto with sautéed cherry tomatoes. This creamy pesto (made without any dairy products or substitute cheeses) has a naturally smooth and soooooothing texture.
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2. Sundried tomato, capers and taggiasche olives pesto. This dish is one of their new vegan pesto dishes for Veganuary: a sun-dried tomatoes, taggiasche olives and capers pesto served with casarecce.
Did you know that Taggiasche olives are cultivated in the region of Liguria , the area most known for being home to the Italian riviera. It’s also known to produce some of the world’s best olive oil! The olives themselves are fairly small and have an extremely low acidity which yields a sweet and unique taste that is never bitter.

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3. Borlotti beans and basil pesto with a touch of spice. The 3rd pesto on our VEGAN menu was made with Borlotti beans, basil, a touch of lemon and some chilli.
Beans have played an essential role in Italian cuisine for hundreds of years and are grown throughout the different regions Borlotti beans are the beloved bean of northern Italy. They are also considered to be extremely healthy due to their high concentration of iron and protein making it a popular meat substitute.

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4. Tomato Rigatoni

What a lovely dinner to end Veganuary!!!

 Did we mention that they also have vegan wines and a special chocolate and raspberry vegan dessert?

The Veganuary menu dishes will be available @ Emilia’s Aldgate (only) until Sunday the 16th February, so hurry! ??‍♂??‍♀

Don’t forget that they also have the special vegan menu @ £10 each or 3 for £25 for January. Also launched on Uber/Deliveroo. Woohoo!

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