Happy has five letters. Pizza has five letters. This is no coincidence! We can help bring pure joy and happiness in your life by informing you that Pilgrims Pizza has opened a new restaurant in Waterloo.

They make little starters. They also make big pizzas. But as well as making little starters and big pizzas they also have big dreams. Here’s a little article talking about them. Well, day dreaming about them.

They've given their restaurant a funky design. They're trendy. They're delicious. They're the best pizza in town. They're suspiciously addictive but just ignore that. They're trendy.

If you fancy making some tasty pizza, you can find out all the details below. But if you happen to be on a diet, please don't look directly at these pictures.

Let's start with the starters:

Burrata topped with white truffle Extra Virgin olive oil and served with a fresh baked jumbo grissini.

Let corner: Artichokes Fritti - marinated artichoke hearts in a parmesan breadcrumb served with garlic & herb dip

Mac & Cheese balls made using a mountain of Italian Parmesan and mozzarella for ultimate cheeeeese-pull and served with a pesto dip

“Mamma’s Boy” Meatballs - made with beef & sausage and baked in the oven with tomato, basil and topped with fresh parsley

Moving on to pizzaaaaaaaaa

Mushroom & Truffle made with a truffle ricotta base, loaded with chestnut mushrooms, fior di latte mozzarella
and parmesan. Finished with white truffle oil from Alba.

Double Pepperoni & Spicy Honey - made with 2 varieties of pepperoni for maximum smokey meatiness and “cupping” on their classic margherita topped with a chilli infused honey. Trust us, it just works.

Actually on further inspection that isn't a pizza we're seeing, that's a delicacy. Bit concerning that we get those two confused, seeing as we see several pizza places opening around London...

Oh, and there are some very fun Nutella rings on the menu, our favourite.


Affogato Espresso - A shot of strong Naples espresso to “drown” a scoop of creamy vanilla gelato. The perfect post pizza pick me up.


Aperol Spritz: Aperol, Prosecco, soda, orange, olive.




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