Megan’s brings the magic to Chiswick

Megan's at the Flower Market is magical

Have you ever had magical food in a magical place that made you feel like life is ... magical?

In the summer (or any time of the year, frankly) Gold Flamingo heads always turn at the promise of a new terrace (we like it very instagrammable). So when news of a new Megans coming to Chiswick reached us, we were all ears. They have almost 20 branches opened and want to reach 22 by 2022. Although Megan’s At The Flower Market has only recently opened in May, it is already busy every day.

Like a Turquoise-coloured jewel glittering among the local chains, fun and friendly Megan’s is a welcome addition to Chiswick.

If feels like Megan’s was created by Instagram the pretty design: the twinkly walled garden, the beige and pale blue walls, shabby chic details, hanging ropes with fairy lights, wooden furniture, floral wallpaper, plants and everything is festooned with Turkish boncuks, it’s terribly cute and cosy. We mostly love the ceiling adorned with hanging lights and pots of plants and Nazar amulets. The fairy-lit room is full of music, laughter and people that are beautiful in the best way: inside and out.


Even the toilets are super cute!

You need to try Megan’s when you want the sophistication and smoothness of a central London restaurant, but with the friendliness and heart of a true local or when you’re in the mood for romance and cracking food. Or, well, why not all of the above?

And the best part, Megan’s is very children and dog-friendly. Mummies can come with children and dogs for a relaxing brunch during the day or you can bring your girlfriends for cocktails and luscious Mediterranean dishes in the evening.

The only problem that we could find with Megans is…how to choose what to have... it’s all so good!!! A Levantine Dream: delectable small plates, open kebabs, vegan options, brunch, desserts.

The best thing at dinner was the deconstructed open lamb kebab aka ‘posh lamb doner’: the fattiness of the overnight braised lamb shoulder counterbalance by the crunch of pickled cucumber and cabbage, smoked aubergine, feta & pistachio on a bed of harissa hummus, all heaped on to a fluffy flatbread. The superbly tender lamb is a true crowd-pleaser.

Also flavoursome were the:

  • Spiced calamary: thin, nicely crispy and chewy, served with a peri peri dip.

  • Turkish Cheese Fondue - Cheesy deliciousness with sourdough to dip.

  • The Mixed Grill Mezze is like a Mediterranean sharing platter that included: Chicken shawarma, braised lamb & sucuk ‘Turkish chorizo’, harissa hummus, pickled veg, turkish chopped salad, coleslaw, garlic yoghurt, tabbouleh. It was accompanied by a warm, chewy and buttery flatbread that deserves a prize.

  • Halloumi fries drizzled with honey, was also quite fabulous.

  • Butternut Squash & Feta with pomegranate.

  • Super Greens with tenderstem broccoli, mangetout, edamame, omega seeds & tahini.

But the star of the show, the centre of attention, the main attraction…well, you get the idea…is the half baked cookie dough sharing dessert served with ice cream (vanilla and salted caramel), nutella and pistachios on a warm skillet. Ludicrous! Worth. The. Visit. Calories.


Our advice is to go with a group so you can taste as much as possible, when you want to say to your mouth: ‘you SHALL go to the ball!’


Bottom line: there’s nothing like Megan’s in London! Sure, there’s good Med and Middle Eastern food in certain places in London but very few restaurants do everything absolutely right, from food, to service, to details, to overall experience. This is a place with personality, but it’s not all show – these guys can really cook, and their dishes are a triumph of careful composition and texture. It’s all good value, and then there’s the service – affable, clued-up and perfectly paced. Staff couldn’t be nicer, tending to their customers like family members, they are sweet and deeply friendly.


P.S. How to live your best life: Wake up. Go to Megan’s. Eat. Sleep. Repeat!



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