Casa Costa’s Speakeasy

Psst! Over here!

This restaurant is a literally a hidden gem in Fulham!

If you’ve been with your team to the best bars in the city and you’ve already taken your better half to the most impressive date night spots in town, now how to show off? What about a night out on the inside track? This secretive restaurant is shrouded in mystery, behind a hidden entrance and with plenty of surprises in store. Don’t worry though, we’ll let you in on our favourite little secret restaurant for a big night out under the radar.

In order to gain exclusive entry, you need to embark on clandestine journey on a ship with a bootlegger called Remus who, if you’re lucky, may reveal the big hush-hush entrance to a cloak-and-dagger drinking den. Don’t believe everything you hear! The entrance is the one that looks like a big Swan fridge door. But, in true covert style, this one is hidden in a shop – try explaining that to the taxi driver.

The whole place used to be a restaurant but closed because of lockdown then Roberto Costa, the owner and renowned Italian restaurateur, couldn’t just stay at home doing nothing and decided to open a shop with the finest Italian produce and make a big contrast between the shop and the restaurant.

The shop is like the old fashion 80s shop in Italy and the restaurant is basically their home as all the furniture comes from their own homes: the chairs, grandma’s table where she used to make and dry the pasta. Even the artwork on the walls is also from Roberto’s home so it feels like you are dining in his living room.

Enter through the shop and fridge door to discover a twee restaurant and bar where you can dine and drink in the candlelight. The space is so cool and small, you’ll want to keep it a secret. With both a cosy and intimate atmosphere, perfect for a dinner with friends or a romantic date.

The interior is charmingly antiquey, with dark blue walls, low lighting, ageing furniture with patchwork armchairs, fun art, leafy swing seats, an old-fashioned bar and low key music on the background. The staggeringly clever design means that although there’s room for just 20 guests, Casa Costa never feels claustrophobic.


The fun doesn’t stop here! The menus are little children story books!!!! How creative and adorable! We are in love with all the details inside, just to discover the place will make your entire evening.


Even the bathroom is lovely, with lavender bouquets and rustic design.


The restaurant has an exciting menu, using the finest hand-selected ingredients from Italy, for homely cooked dishes.

First, they start with complimentary bread and cheese.


  • Tagliere Misto: delicious charcuterie & cheeses mix
  • Il Trio Di Andria: Ricotta, burrata and stracciatella cheeses
  • Salmon Cheesecake


  • Pasta Olio Acciughe E Habanero: creamy garlic sauce topped with toasted habanero breadcrumbs & anchovies)
  • Tortellini in Brodo: freshly made tortellini in chicken broth, crispy chicken skin and parmigiano reggiano)
  • Lasagne al forno made with fassona ragu


  • Polpette di Fassona: meatballs of fassona beef in passata
  • Merluzzo alla Palermitana: panfried cod with capers, anchovies and onion served with tomato sauce


  • Torta al Ciocolatto
  • Tiramisu
  • Strudel Alle Fragole

The menu specials will be changing regularly as chefs will take inspiration from the fresh produce available in the shop at that moment.

Roberto’s secret ingredient to success is the dramatic flair and theatre element that comes with the service:

  • The iconic steak tartare, made with Fassona beef (the ‘healthiest’ beef) is made at the table
  • Spaghetti al pomodoro (The pasta itself is made made with tomatoes and served with a fresh salsa of 4 different tomatoes) served live at the table.
  • Tiramisu made fresh at your table

This way, you get “dinner and a show”.

The bar will serve mixologist cocktails, like the classic and over-popular Aperol Spritz, to a Peach Bellini or the Amaro, a typical herbal liqueur enjoyed by Italians after dinner.

Traditionally, speakeasies were places for illegal boozing that came to prominence during the Prohibition era in 1920s America. But ever since, they have taken on a mythical status: teacups brimming with gin, suave jazz musicians and a glitzy, retro dress code. Well, Casa Costa has brought speakeasy chic to Fulham so the speakeasy trend reaches its apogee with this restaurant.

What we loved the most is that you can always count on Italians to be welcoming, it is like hospitality runs through their veins.

Overall, you must go there! Go for the food and drinks! If you don’t go for the food then go for the ambience. If you don’t go for that then go for the fun surprise element of walking through a fridge door. If not, just go because you HAVE to go!


Opening times:

Thursday – Saturday - dinner only - 6pm-11pm.

Sunday - lunch only - 12:30pm to 3:30pm.

Address: 461-465 North End Road, Fulham, London, SW6 1NZ

Bookings: +44 203 848 6830


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