Compagnie de Provence Launches in the UK at The Organic Pharmacy

Award-winning sustainable beauty brand Compagnie de Provence arrives in the UK

Let’s talk cosmetics. We all know, harsh chemicals = bad, natural = good. But with every other brand drenching their product identity with vague and often misleading buzzwords, it’s easy to remain unconvinced by anything labelled ‘organic’ – I mean, what does that even really mean any more?

The Organic Pharmacy have a range of makeup and perfume that's worth every penny

Makeup and skincare costs a small fortune. That’s one contributing factor to its £28.4bn slice in the UK’s annual GDP*. It’s understandable why a lot of people take a glance at the price tags of the organic ranges and wonder if it’s truly worth it, especially when the answer is not as clear cut.

The Organic Pharmacy also have a range of makeup and perfume that's worth every penny

Margo Marrone is the co-founder of The Organic Pharmacy. She is a Pharmacist, a Homeopath, and a mother, the latter being the driver behind the company’s formation in 2002. It was the reluctance to expose her baby to unnecessary artificial and potentially harmful substances that led to her dedicate herself to spearheading a “new way of thinking” around natural health and beauty.


The Organic Pharmacy roots its values in providing quality, through conducting the depth of research and fierce due diligence needed to ensure what they offer is genuine, safe, and most of all, powerfully effective. No ambiguity, no compromises, no quality concessions. They call it “Performance Driven Organics”, with a clinical and scientific backbone to support their passion to nurture their products to life.

Two decades of knowledge, learning, and state of the art technology has gone into each and every one of their formulations, and long lasting benefits of their products need to be demonstrated by world class laboratories before anything is put on the shelf. That is their badge of honour.

If you haven’t stumbled upon Compagnie de Provence out there in the real world, I’m sure you will soon. The Organic Pharmacy is a fan.

Source: Compagnie de Provence

Unless you happen to be abroad, you won’t be able to pop into a Compagnie de Provence boutique just yet – but The Organic Pharmacy has you covered as the brand recently launched in the UK with them. The two brands align so closely on values of origin of ingredients and minimising environmental impact, that their eagerness for partnership is – well, natural.

Compagnie de Provence is the brand behind the iconic liquid soap bottles (you may have seen them in hotel rooms or restaurants around the world), inspired by old French pharmacy bottles.

Valuing beauty and organic ingredients alike, they too were founded on the appreciation of natural and locally produced ingredients, with olive, almond, and grapeseed oil at the heart of them. 30 years on, that unwavering belief in their methods, and their oath of 95% naturally sourced ingredients (and 0% parabens, aluminium, and other harmful materials), inspired by Provence and the Mediterranean Sea, are what has propelled the brand to its esteemed status.

Their best selling product is the Liquid Marseille Soap, with one sold every minute somewhere in the world! Here's a couple of our favourites:

Mediterranean Sea Liquid Marseille Soap (£18*/500ml) & Mediterranean Sea Hand Cream (£16*/100ml) – expect notes of fresh sea spray and sun-drenched flowers
Fresh Verbena Liquid Marseille Soap (£18*/500ml) & Fresh Verbena Hand Cream (£16*/100ml) - made up of a sparkling, zesty, lemon-tinged blend, using Olive Oil, Almond Oil and Grapeseed Oil

Their soaps are made by the traditional way of saponifying in a cauldron, using vegetable oils, and the best part is that the bottle are so precious that you can use them as a vase once empty.


It’s easy to dismiss all things ‘organic’ as a fad, a phase, a fleeting fashion – or indeed an expensive habit. But with innovators like Compagnie de Provence and The Organic Pharmacy leading the way in health-first mentality and environmental sustainability in the world of cosmetics, it’s becoming impossible to deny that Earth and its humans are waking up to the benefits.

Marrone wants the world to have access to “healthy, scientific and results driven products and treatments to heal the mind and body”.

We are fully behind her mission.


* Source - British Beauty Council Annual Report 2019



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