Fudge – Professionally F*dging the Rules of Hair Styling Since 1991

Only too aware of the hair care regime disruption the world faced during the salon closures of lockdown, the team at Fudge realised that WFH was not the only trend that was taking off. There was a thirst for SFH too – Styling From Home. We celebrated the launch of the latest ranges, and had the opportunity to experience in person why Fudge has the attention of all hair care professionals around the UK.

It was born from the most unexpected of origins. A resident (and soon-to-be founder of Fudge Professional) ventured out in his Sydney, Australia hometown, and stepped in gum. From there, out came an industry changer, in the form of Shaper – its texture controversial, unexpected, and most of all, effective. And the winning formula that has rapidly gained traction in the world of salon professionals remains unchanged to this day.

Fast forward to today. Maintaining that salon-fresh colour is a very real challenge faced by many avid style enthusiasts in the current climate. They now have an answer in the form of Fudge’s brand new All Blonde, Clean Blonde, and Cool Brunette ranges, which also come with the additional benefit of being infused with Opti-PLEX™ Technology, strengthening and repairing hair from within.

For blondes, both Colour Lock shampoo and Colour Lock conditioner work to promote shine, restore hydration, and keep the blonde vibrant for up to 10 weeks, while Colour Boost shampoo contains blonde boosters to enhance and visibly brighten in just 2 weeks. For brunettes, the Cool Brunette duo instantly erases red and orange tones, and benefits from all the vibrance-enhancing qualities offered by the native Fudge formulas.

The Revive + Protect Mist is one of our stand-outs. It can be sprayed over wet hair, but also over dry hair between washes or on the go. It has a whopping 10 benefits that come with each application – heat and UV protection, preventing and repairing damage, pollution-shielding, nourishing, hydrating, frizz-taming, shine-enhancing, and of course, extending life of the colour.

And the best part of all? All of these retail under the £15 mark.

The brand also places sustainability in focus in a scene where it hasn’t been so easy to see this through. The aerosol packaging is fully recyclable, along with the new styling pots now made from 30% less plastic. 76% of the new styling range contains recycled plastic, an impossible benchmark for many brands in the same space.

True to its roots, Fudge lives and breathes style – excellent, quality-driven style. Our verdict is that the hype is very much warranted, and the demonstrable effect on even the most difficult hair (including ours) and its ease of use across its lines, makes it a must-discover for everybody looking for a hair care epiphany – and of course, that salon look and feel from home.



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