Fairfax & Favor – Epitomising British Luxury Fashion Since 2013

For a contemporary British brand, there is nothing solely contemporary about Fairfax & Favor - the designs are timeless. Inspired by classic country life and the desire to blur the lines between formal and casual attire, the brand's focus is to create luxury fashion investments rather than disposable, fickle wearables. Their success has been loud and clear.

Meet Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker, the ambitious founders. While the brand itself was set up in 2013, the inspiration and groundwork came a year before that, from the desire to launch luxury footwear rooted in country living, and to pioneer rural vogue accessories. Fast-forward, after thorough research across Europe, overcoming logistical challenges, and applying creative thinking - paired with a natural eye for good fashion - the two friends found their brand retailed in over 70 locations around the country, and themselves featured in the Drapers 30 Under 30 initiative.

The crown jewel of the Fairfax & Favor collection of masterpieces is the Regina. They describe it as a "once clunky workhorse" that has been transformed into a "glass slipper". It's slim-fit, features an interchangeable tassel, and comes in an array of colours, making it a perfect match for all outfits. Representing the turning point to success for the brand, the Regina is a staple for both the founders and for the wardrobe.

The 'Regina' - a Fairfax & Favor highlight

Since then, the Regina has evolved into heeled, ankle, and high heeled variations. Its versatility and ease of wear has elevated the piece to its current status as a signature.

The 'Brompton'

The shoes have a comfortable thick sole and cosy inner material, and are created with precision and longevity in mind, reinforcing their status as a long-term fashion investment.

The 'Soho' - one of our stand-outs

But it's not just about the classic boot collections. Trainers have been a best-seller for Fairfax & Favor. There's even an Apres Ski offering - the boots come in two heights and are top of our brand highlights.

Going beyond footwear, the Charlotte coat is one for your Winter list - and one to define your 2021 winter look.

The 'Charlotte'

More recently, a sale was launched by Fairfax & Favor where 100% of profits from tassels, boots, and socks would be donated to charities focussing on breast cancer. October 2021 alone generated £132,000, and to this date, a whopping £509,000 has been raised for charity.

So what's next? 4 new store openings across the upcoming 18 months, to complement their existing ones in Norfolk and Stamford. Their stores have bookable appointments, and as if there was not enough reason to drop in, they also feature an in-house bar to complete the experience.

While we eagerly await these openings, getting our favourites onto our Christmas lists ASAP is a must – with many pieces on high demand, and the current thirst in the market for British luxury fashion, we have no doubt it will be a busy season for Fairfax & Favor.



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