Immunity week is a UK awareness week meant to help educate us about the benefits of supporting our immunity. as we go into flu season. 

Starting 11th October 2021, John Bell & Croyden, the renowned London pharmacy emporium, is hosting Immunity Week, showcasing Lashile and Hello Day. 

There will be a range of in-store activities, along with experts and nutritionists who will offer advice and support towards choosing the best vitamins for each individual needs. 

Whether you’re just starting a routine or looking to add nutritional support to your current regimen, navigating the supplements and vitamins aisle alone can be overwhelming.  

Sometimes all we want is a reset button—and we would give up a lot trying to hit it. We would sacrifice pleasures, wine and the possibility of ending a day with the perfect French fry. This way, we may end up giving up our sanity. 

But let’s take a different approach. Something to promote digestive health? Something to help us achieve beautiful skin and hair? Something we can find ease and joy in so that we are more likely to stick with me? Something to help evolve our health? How about all of these? 

Thanks to the science and research teams at Hello Day and Lashile, the support we need is waiting for us. 


Hello Day

The whole idea with Hello Day that it is the first brand in the world that looks at seasonal health and well-being. Hello Day is a small brand, and they are very careful with the products that they make. They have 16 products which are quite unique. The founder comes from three generations of ex-pharmaceutical industry professional and even though he is proud of that heritage he is much more into nature and prevention as supposed to being curative and he realised that a lot of the things we go to the pharmacy world for, if we were a little bit more preventative, we might not need it necessarily so there are some things are very serious like chronic illnesses, of course, we need the pharmacy but certain things we can make better ourselves just by being more preventative and being more attentive to our bodies. 

If you wait until you're sick to give time to your health you will spend more time then, if you spend more time in being preventative, you'll spend less time to heal. 

Even though we seem to forget this we are part of nature, we look at it and we think it is lovely and that we are different because we are humans but we are all part of nature. Every element of the nature changes with the seasons it is a bit silly of us to think that everything is changing but us. We are changing every day but it's easier to benchmark it with seasonality. People have common challenges for every season.  

For example, on a gloomy autumn day we are not going to be as cheerful, it's getting colder, it’s raining, so it's starting to affect our mood, we have less vitamin D which is very important to be conscious of, in terms of digestion, our diet is starting to change, in the summer we had beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables. But in the winter months, who wants a salad in January? We gravitate towards meats and stews and heavier food, even some junk food a little bit more than you would earlier on. Knowing these patterns, we can maximise our wellbeing during the winter months. 

Maximise your well-being during these months

Hello Day is launching their seasonal supplement boxes exclusively at John Bell & Croyden. These boxes contain four key supplements and are expertly curated to support our evolving health needs which are linked to seasonal change. The boxes are general approach - meaning that anyone can take them and they're looking at very general things. 

Autumn Box  

It addresses digestion detox because we always have to look at digestion, it is very fundamental as to what we are all about - digestion and energy. 

Even though we’ve just come from the season of bounty with lots of great fresh food, we also had lots of alcohol, it's a season when we drink a lot as we are a little bit more social - the moment when it's bright and sunny we go for a Pinot Grigio, so we've had a great diet but we also had alcohol, and we're going into a season where we want to prep our digestion a little bit before we hit the December feasts and winter months. But also, in terms of energy we need vitamin D so we should start supplementing this from October to April because we're not getting enough. 

Vitality Balance - although it looks like a zing zing product, the balance is both physical and mental, the idea is that you've come from an emotional high during the summer months when we're all happy, we're socialising, to shorter days when we're not so sociable, moods change, the seasonal factor disorder hits, we get a little bit glum so you want to keep a balance of energy. 

Cold and flu season is now, if you take the train, you hear coughing like a symphony all around you, so what you want to do is not fully avoid it because we live in a world where we are all interacting, but to be a little bit more preventative, give some support to our immune system to be less likely to get a cold, or if you do get it, at least get it in a diminished level or simply get better quicker. 

Beauty Boost - Skin, hair and nails are punished during the winter season because the air is actually dryer and that is going to impact the hydration in the skin and the texture of your hair. Furthermore, we are going from cold extremes within seconds into warm extremes and this change really impacts skin, hair and nails as well. It's good to look after them all year round but this is the season when they need it the most. It's so basic. Hello Day have come up with this genius basic idea in the supplement industry. It's not rocket science; it's just recognising that this is what we need. Use it as a base point instead of going through shelves of supplements. Then you can follow with the individual needs. 

The items in the box are sold separately as well. So, you have a bespoke package and a generalist approach, which is the seasonality. 

Winter Box 

Immunity Support - contains beneficial bacteria, 70% of our immune system lies within the gut. Our gut bacteria communicate with our immunity cells influencing their function. Probiotics have immune modulating properties.  

Also contains vitamin D. In UK there is a government guideline that in October to April people should take 10mg of vitamin D per day. Hello Day covers this guideline. If it is a sunny day during the winter months you won’t manufacture this vitamin D and that is all to do with the length of light, you need it for your immunity, bone health and more. Furthermore, it is a vegan vitamin D which is quite unique as there aren't many like this out there, and it is a D3, vegan as it is made from algae, which is twice as effective in raising your blood levels of vitamin D status than D2 sources (the commonly found vegan source of vitamin D, such as, for example in the sun ripened mushrooms). Even if you are not following a plant-based diet it's always good to look for D3. 

Nowadays, with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to look after our health. For example, a balanced gut allows for a healthy immune response—so any gut-supporting supplements are helpful in this arena. Vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats significantly contribute to our immunity as well. 

Probiotics - support gut health, digestive system like bloating - lots more comfort food and stodgier food during the winter months for some people can upset the digestive health. We have very little fibre in our diet, stress, antibiotic use can all affect our microbiota, so it is important getting beneficial bacteria in there. 

Immunity shield - you can take if you are feeling rundown, if you start feeling a little bit ill, if you've got the sniffles or a cough or simply on a daily basis, if you wish to reduce the risk and duration of coughs and colds. It has a blend of plant extracts, vitamin C, a light vitamin D booster. It comes in little sachets so you just add it to warm water, smoothies, juices, food, it has a lovely flavour. 


Other recommended products: 

Omega 3 - required for brain health: mood, memory, concentration. 65% of the brain is fats so you need to nourish the brain with Omega3s, is like feeding the brain. Supports heart health as well. The Omega3s that you find in food are good but they are not well converted into the more potent form that you find in oily fish. If your diet is not optimal it may be a struggle to get enough.  

But Hello Day's Omega 3 is vegan! Made from algae in Brittany, France, so it doesn't come from the ocean, it grows in a controlled environment to avoid any pollution that is in the ocean so it’s cleaner than any fish oil that's on the market. You are getting the purest form of omega oil and it's clean, and it’s sustainable. They are not disturbing anything that's in the marine ecosystem. In terms of dietary regulations, if you have fish every day that's great but if not, better check the box with the supplements. It is a government guideline so it is absolutely proven that we need to have it in our diet, it is fundamental. And because they've made it in a clean and sustainable way it's such a beautiful product. 

For allergies - Over 44% of UK adults suffering from at least one allergy and if not treated, the inflammation is going to build up. Hello Day's is completely natural, no drug properties whatsoever, it contains zinc and there is an extract of Quail egg, a glycoprotein that blocks the signal so that allergens don’t communicate with the mast cells which won’t release the histamine so you don/t get all of the symptoms. It's past clinical trials which is very unusual for supplements, as it is made usually for drugs. Because Hello Day's is 100% natural, it is still qualified as a supplement but it is fast acting, works within 10 or 15 minutes, while nothing natural can usually do that, only over-the-counter drugs can, so it falls into this really new territory of a very efficient supplement.  



Lashilé’s is a brand that has a unique take on traditional supplements and John Bell & Croyden hosts Lashilé’s first ever pop-up beauty supplement gummy vitamin bar throughout October. 

Lashilé understands what today's needs are. Because of the way we eat, we always lack something or we want to get better faster and Lashilé is here to help you. 

Johan Adida is the co-founder of Lashilé and all their gummies are fully natural, vegan and allergen-free. 

There are seven ranges of supplements and they plan to have 15 programs by the end of the year. 

Good Skinshould be called Botox in a bottle and is the first global anti-aging gummy, designed to boost the radiance of skin, keeping it firm and blemish free. In three weeks, you will see results, skin will be more hydrated, less tense therefore the fine lines will disappear. Also, you get plumper and thicker skin, which is really nice. It is one of our favourite products and we use it all year round whether to protect, hydrate or reduce fine lines. 

Good Clean Anti-pimples - A blend of nettle, burdock, zinc, macadamia and grape seed extract, which provides protection against skin blemishes, pimples, acne and microcysts. It is doctor approved and clinical tested, it has a lot of rewards, it works efficiently and quite fast and it works from within. Think smart, in and out, so take care of your skin at the same time, don’t eat too much sugar. The gummies have 5g of sugar and because pimples are triggered by sugar you would need to swap/substitute sweets. 

Good Diet - Designed to reduce snack cravings, the combination of vitamins and minerals supports natural weight-loss, regulating blood sugar levels. It is fantastic because even though it contains sugar it is the most appropriate one for diabetic people as it contains chromium which helps level the sugar in your body and maintain it for much longer. However, you still need to swap sweets, this would be the only downfall of the gummies, that they use real sugar but the reason is because it is vegan, cruelty free, lactose free, gluten free, free from any artificial flavours, colours and ingredients and has no preservatives, is completely 100% natural. 

Even homeopathy (tiny sugar beads infused with healing substances) uses sugar because it allows you to contain the nutrients much better and to release it very fast so is twice as good. Secondly, it stimulates the hormone of pleasure so you enjoy the taste and you don't forget the next day to take it. 

How it works: the Carob is a plant that grows in your tummy, it fills it in. If you take two before meal you will feel less hungry. Likewise, if after a dinner you feel a little bit bloated, it can help. 

Good Sun – The blend of vitamins is carefully designed to support a year-round tan, accelerating and prolonging the tanning process. 

Good Hair – This gummy is blended to support long and beautiful hair, accelerating growth while improving hair density and strength. 

Good Slim – Simulating metabolism by using stored fat, using its carefully designed formula to help with weight-loss. 

Good immunity -  NEW! designed to strengthen the immunesystem and stimulate the body's natural defence.

Ingredients are melted and infused, not sprayed. Most of the gummies that you find on the market are sprayed so they have fewer active ingredients therefore they are not so efficient. All made in France in a lab where all the ingredients are melted in a pot and they put a little cute smile on them to make them fun. They work with the biggest pharmaceutical industries, such as the German and the French one. 

Lashilé started two years ago, has already been bought out by big pharmaceutical group, making over £25 millions of turnover and are present in over 3,000 pharmacies in France. All this happened during Covid, the demand is huge because it is fun, it tastes good and is effective. We invite you to check the website for before and after pictures, as well as go and try them at the John Bell and Croyden and Westfield. 

Lashilé is super famous in France, you can find them in each and every magazine just because it works. It's not too expensive, it retails at £25. Compared with other hyaluronic acids and enzymes it's quite impressive. 

The one thing you need to know about Lashilé is that it has three main ingredients in each bottle and what makes the difference is the combination of these ingredients and the dosage they are using. 

Usually with supplements you need to take a three-month cure but Lashley works in one month, a bottle will last you a month. 

All the products are suitable for pregnant women for breastfeeding or for children over 12 years old. All you’ll notice is how good they taste. Take two chews daily. 


Looking after your health has never been so delicious and gummies won’t be a guilty pleasure anymore. 

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