Pacifica Touches Down On This Side Of The Atlantic

If you’re from the States, Pacifica will need no introduction. UK readers, if you haven’t yet come across this trailblazing US beauty and wellness brand, we have no doubt you soon will – and the hype is very much justified.

Pacifica proudly wears the label of the original ‘vegan’ cosmetics brand. From its creation in 1996, pioneer Brook Harvey-Taylor has defined her vision by her commitment to ‘clean beauty’ – a concept very much unheard of until many years later.

And 15 years on, still going strong, its birthday celebrations coincide with its expansion into the UK market.

The famous best-selling vegan collagen range

The brand has been built with a conscious decision to do right by the planet, its animals, and the people that inhabit it. We’re talking 100% vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, cutting-edge formulas, and high performance products, excelling in ethos and quality alike.

While Pacifica is best known for its vegan collagen skincare and makeup range, these are by no means the only exciting products on offer. We really are spoilt for choice with treats across the Strawberry Peach, Coconut, Rosemary, and Lavender Moon lines. The scents are gentle yet stimulating, and work brilliantly to evoke the spa feel in the comfort of our homes.

The coconut and vanilla combination is enough to melt the stress of the day away!

The extensive haircare offering is notable as one of the most effective on the market. It covers everything from balancing Scalp Serums to Detox Scalp Scrubs, with shampoos and conditioners to match. The scalp scrub is a unique experience – we highly recommend it!

The Sea Foam Facewash has easily become a staple in our evening routine. Powered by antioxidants and advanced marine phytonutrients, it refreshingly cleanses and brightens with a gentle coconut scent.

The scalp is often overlooked in the daily routine. Pacifica has a whole collection dedicated to just that.

My personal stand-out was the gorgeous Body and Pillow Mist. The subtle water-based spray is infused with signature aromatherapy blends, and uses anxiety-easing lavender and nerve-calming rose that noticeably help you with your well-deserved eight hours.

Congrats to Pacifica on a fantastic launch event! With great healthy products comes great healthy hospitality

We cannot wait for the UK to discover Pacifica. Everything from its packaging to its core embodies clean beauty, and in addition to its quality and performance, it really is unsurprising that American expats are so eager to stock up on their favourite Pacifica treats before returning to this side of the ocean – and why Londoners have been bribing their closest American acquaintances to dedicate half of their suitcases to this cause. Now, thanks to Cult Beauty, we can now get these direct to our doors.

And watch this space (or possibly ‘mind the gap’, UK readers) - not only do we expect the stockist list to explode throughout 2022, we also expect to see Pacifica launching their hugely successful makeup offering in the UK too. Please don’t leave us waiting for too long, Pacifica!



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