Pierre Marcolini’s Marylebone Boutique Unveils Exquisite Chocolate Christmas Offering

The Pierre Marcolini Maison should be the first and possibly only stop for any chocolate enthusiast looking to sweeten their festive season. Known for its marvellously divine macarons and outstanding treats, the boutique has revealed what Pierre Marcolini has been cooking up for its Christmas offering – presented, much to our delight, by the infamous Belgian/Italian chocolatier himself.

Chocolate making is an art. At least, this is the principle that has defined Marcolini’s 20-year pursuit of taste, and indeed the journey to perfecting the process of chocolate creation itself. One bite is all it takes to understand why this foundation has been a successful one.

While most chocolatiers purchase couverture chocolate (the stage before final production) generically from large factories, the Pierre Marcolini Maison controls the steps from the start, from tree to bean, and then from bean to bar. This includes roasting, refining, and 48-hour conching, which produces couverture then solidified to create pieces we know and love.

Even for the most trained of chocolate experts, the 20 years of industry expertise is unmistakable in the quality. The unique and tantalising experience that is offered with every bite is what makes the brand of Pierre Marcolini famously and exceptionally superior.

Our highlight from the Christmas 2021 offerings is undoubtedly the Advent Calendar (£49). The gorgeous frosty winter piece contains 24 of the most popular creations, including the Pistachio Sphere (gianduja with hazelnut, pistachio, sesame), the Raspberry Heart (dark chocolate ganache, fresh raspberry pulp, white chocolate coat), and the classic Cashew Nut Praline (soft Vietnamese cashew nut praline with hint of fleur de del, milk chocolate coat).

The Box of 24 Christmas Macarons (£50) is another clear winner for us. Macarons are a signature here, and with an assortment containing Speculoos Macarons (slivers of Belgian speculoos biscuit, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger), Rose Macarons (containing Moroccan rose water), and of course Pierre Marcolini Macarons (the infamous homemade chocolate with a hint of vanilla), the luxurious festive feel is inescapable.

And for something truly magical, the Box of 20 Candied Chestnuts (£60) is not only unquestionably delicious, but also a rather unique gift for any confectionary connoisseur.

It would be an injustice to not mention the values that underpin every step of Pierre Marcolini's process. The wider chocolate industry is not always an ethical one, with much controversy when it comes to sustainability, trade practices, and moral code. Marcolini is personally determined to incorporate social responsibility in the role of the chocolatier. He champions cocoa planters and their regions through fair prices, selects only the highest quality ingredients through environmentally sustainable and ethical methods, and uses responsible packaging for product boxes, shopping bags, and even shipping packs. Chocolate with pride.


The Pierre Marcolini Maison isn’t just for Christmas. The eclairs are first-class, the warm waffles are wonderful, and the cakes are divine. But if you’re looking for a premium gift, or something above and beyond the ordinary for any lover of confectionary, now is a great time to pop by. You can order online, or indulge in person at any of the 3 London stores at Harrods, Selfridges, and 37 Marylebone High Street. The countdown to the first advent window opening is on!



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