Palmers Celebrates 180 Years, Unveils New Design

Palmers is celebrating its 180th year of success with a revamp of its packaging, a refinement of its formulas, and a roadmap of exciting enhancements coming up in 2022. The heart of the brand, however, remains solid as ever - in the humble, natural phenomenon that is the cocoa bean, and a deep-rooted drive to give back to the world.

Palmers is no stranger to big success. Funnelling the goodness of 400 beans into each bottle, it converts approximately 300 million(!) cocoa beans into 200 tons of cocoa butter annually, achieving global sales of an impressive 45 bottles every minute.

Palmer’s proudly celebrates its 180th anniversary. The American family-owned brand has achieved two centuries of selling natural cocoa butter and coconut oil skincare, and haircare products since 1970s. Since 1971, the brand has quickly expanded to over 100 countries, and has landed its place as UK's leading cocoa butter bodycare brand.

What's notable is the brand's drive for sustainability. Palmers emphasises its use of fair trade and organically certified natural, raw ingredients, a vital part of ensuring its key ingredients are available long into the future. The initiative is supported by an extensive list of partnerships, including World Cocoa Foundation, Global Shea Alliance, Rainforest Alliance, Roundtable On Sustainable Palm Oil, and Forest Stewardship Council - the breadth is truly impressive!

While the ingredients are central to the brand, the historical values are also held close to its true heart. Other than sustainability, there is a deep rooted celebration of diversity, specifically black beauty that is central to its very proud legacy - and this extends from company operation itself to advertising. Palmers also honours women through numerous projects, including supporting breast cancer charities such as Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now, and champions diversity organisations like Future Dreams and Black Women Rising.

The trademarked tagline remains “The Nature of You”. It captures the simplicity of the brand's essence - the products are designed to work by enhancing the natural features and beauty of unique skin and hair. There's also the accessibility factor captured in the tagline, too, with the top-quality range being effective, affordable, and appealing with its unique scents and textures. It's a product of the people - results-driven, attractive, and full of integrity.


It's not just the cocoa beans that fill up the recognisable white bottles - its the heart, soul, and history of Palmers itself. It is therefore unsurprising that this family-owned business remains so successful, and with a promise of more product improvements and further exciting rebrandings, we are eager to see what developments 2022 has in store for Palmers.



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