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Vichy has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to focussed and relevant innovation. As an acclaimed brand that has grown alongside many of us, it has been a trusted go-to for all things skincare for an entire generation.

So it’s no surprise that women look to Vichy for answers across periods of their lives - especially around topics more sensitive or less talked about. Menopause is one of these. The effect it can have on lifestyle and condition of the skin is very much overlooked by many industry leaders, and Vichy is using its leading position to educate, reassure, and develop products for all affected by life's natural changes at this time.

As with most things, Vichy has the head start on this. The brand boasts 20 years of scientific research in all things menopause and skin science, and has recently co-developed and released Neovadiol, a skincare range specifically formulated to target the skin changes and signals of perimenopause.

Available is the Plumping Day Cream and Revitalizing Night Cream, both accessibly priced at £24 at Boots. The day cream targets signs of ageing caused by hormone depletion, resulting in loss of firmness and density. It works to improve skin hydration, tone and texture, and elasticity. The night cream tackles skin dehydration caused by hot flushes. It reduces skin temperature by 2.7 degrees, prevents the decrease in collagen production, and provides comfort to the skin through the night.

Coinciding with their launch earlier this month, Vichy hosted a panel chat (very aptly called “Beyond the Stigma”) alongside Dr Shahzadi Harper, featuring presenter/model Lisa Snowdon, athlete Michelle Griffith-Robinson, and Harley Street dermatologist Dr Mary Sommerlad. It was all about delving into real conversations on real issues that impact real women. Their brave personal stories and experiences of the unexplored and unwritten physical and mental challenges of perimenopause were invaluable. We think they are all definitely worth a follow on social media, where they regularly share their insights on the historically delicate topic.

March 2022 will see new additions to the Neovadiol line – and we are very grateful for Vichy’s innovations in the domain. If the panel talk taught us anything, it’s that it is never too early to start considering what may be around the corner, never too late to exploit the latest innovations to address natural changes when they do occur, and never too irrelevant for education on the science and experiences of others in this space.

Vichy’s voice is a credible one, rooted in 20 years of scientific research. The new products should have the attention of not just perimenopausal women around the world, but also other brands that we hope will follow suit in contribution, innovation, and inclusiveness of this skincare field - neglected by the industry until now.



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