We are all here for good times, good cheer (and mince pies)

Ahhhh holidays, the time of year when we are reminded of how disorganised we are... but not this year, folks, not this year. We've made lists and we are ready to overachieve in the gift giving department.  

The smell of mulled wine and cinnamon is in the air, London streets are being strung with twinkling lights, busy Christmas markets are in bloom, and we’re all starting to write our ten metres long wish list for Santa. Because we blinked and summer was over… But seeing as we barely had a Christmas last year, we aren’t too sad as this year, we could not be more excited for Christmas. Magical moments with loved ones, parties, Sunday lunches and of course, mad dashes around the shops for the perfect gifts.

The Flamingo family has decided to start the festivities a little earlier this year, and, to save you from getting your tinsel in a tangle with last minute plans, we put together a handily curated list of favourites to suit every type of mischief maker in your life. 

Do you remember those festive traditions, like baking cookies (and eating them in one go) or that magical feeling you had as a child, when you hung up your Christmas stocking on Christmas Eve, too excited to sleep? It’s never too early to start planning moments of Christmas magic for the little ones in your life. 


MEL PHYSICS is an American brand that provides a gateway to exciting and memorable experiences for children of all ages. Not just for Christmas. The toy will bring joy to your child, long after Santa's arrival. Indulge your kids in fun and learning with these educational and fun science boxes. The best part is they have an app as well to give you the full digital experience - millions of dollars of super cool tech so worth a go!

(Subscription Prices From $26.20 per month)

SWOTTIES - Gift an experience they won't forget: a live session with one of Swotties best "buddies for studies", based on your child's favourite subject: Space, Coding, Pirates, Songwriting, Harry Potter, etc. These fun chats don't even feel like lessons and they include presentations, creative drawing, spelling bee, word search and more. Useful for the parents, fun for the kids. Win-win!

(£19.99 per individual lesson)

PLAYTIME - A toy from Playtime collection is the sweetest Christmas gift of all for those partial to a little scandal and a lot of fun. Playtime turns happiness into an everyday lifestyle so there's no such thing as too many toys… 

  • ORCHARD TOYS - Their toy range will keep you wanting for more play time! Learn, Grow and Play with Playtime toys. Shop for yourself and your family! Whatever your look or the occasion, you’re sure to find something that will take your (festive) fancy. 

  • HAPE / SKIP HOP - Their toy collection brings that much needed Christmas cheer 

Rock-a-mole Guitar (£20)                     DJ Mix & Spin Studio (£20.59)

  • ZURU - As we all know, one of the key ingredients to a good Christmas fun are the toys! 

5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands Capsule (£6.99)

  • BANDAI - Treat the little ones with these toys for sweet‑smelling childhood memories 

National Geographic Crystal Garden (£10)

LIVING NATURE - A little fun goes a long way, especially when packaged as perfectly as this. Why, these little toys are straight from the sweet shop of any animal lover's dreams! Wrapped up and ready for the annual Christmas Boxing Day, this gift is sure to warm hearts.  

With this toy you’ve got a guaranteed way to make someone smile for years to come. 

Flamingo (£23.99)                                      Highland Cow with Sound (£24.99)

MOSAIKIT - Like your neighbour’s dazzling decs that light up the whole street, this gift can brighten even the darkest winter day. 

Flamingo (£12)

BIG POTATO GAMES - This year, be the most original gift-giver in your family by surprising your friends and family with a gift universally loved by all: Big Potato Games. Know someone who’s been having a tough week? Just imagine their face when they open up this instant mood booster. Examples:

Herd Mentality (£25)                           Colour Brain (£25)            Burn Book -Mean Girls (£21.99)

Night at the Movies puzzle (£15)               Day at the Festival puzzle (£15)



WONDERBLY - Give a Christmas present with purpose and purchase a personalised book for surprises that truly bring the joys of the season to life. Enchanted forests. Babbling brooks. This is a one-way ticket to the Neverland. 

BANJO ROBINSON - We think Christmas should be about how big you care. Not how big your gift is. Cue Banjo’s letters - small enough to fit through the letterbox. But big enough to be the thing they remember this Christmas. Pre-order your letters now and they will arrive with plenty of time to spread loads of festive cheer.  

Monthly subscription from £6.99 but they run a half price promotion until the 29th of November.


Great Quality items, from pyjamas to toy

Janod Briclo Magnetic DIY Trolley (RRP: £80.00)      Organic Cotton Pyjamas (from £10)

FLITZY - and let's not forget the little fashionistas in our lives, as all these little tokens of appreciation will show your favourites just how much they shine.

Sequin Pom Pom Alice Band (£7)     Pressed Flower Heart Drop Earrings(£6)


 Whether you share a boardgame or a play by the fire, we know you'll end your day with a satisfied child and mind full of memories.  From a lego to a book, there's no better way to get the party started. Just don’t forget, beyond the gifts and the festive lights, Christmas is all about sharing and spending time with your nearest and dearest. 


Hot tip: put the kids to bed grab grown up hot cocoa and simply add to cart.  

Let’s not dilly dally, shipping delays are expected this year.  

Happy Shopping! 


Love eternal, 


GF Team






















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