So…? Unique Empowers Creative Consumers to Personalise Fragrances with Body Mist Range

There is very good reason as to why So..? is the number 1 best-selling body mist brand in the UK. The mission since its conception in 1994 has been to encourage people to spoil themselves in the luxury of high-quality, while relishing in the affordability of the experience. The latest products add yet another element into the mix for its customers – that of adventure and personalisation.

So…? Fragrance has always been driven by the core value that beauty should be inclusive and available to all, but it has also had another key objective, to offer a fragrance tailored to each style, mood, and occasion. The talented team at So…? have crafted an extensive variety of over 50 irresistible scents, from rich and wild to sweet and fruity, and in various forms including Body Mists, Eau De Parfums, and Eau Fraiche.

So…? Unique Body Mists have been the breakthrough that have taken the customisation element a substantial step further. The innovative range uses simplistic notes that are alluring enough to be worn individually, but minimal enough to allow for layering. The latter empowers the wearer to create a vast array of custom fragrances from blending different possible combinations, formulating a truly unique aroma in a fun, inspired, and adventurous activity.

The key to successful layering is understanding the underlying fragrance families, and the So…? Unique mists helpfully come with fragrance notes and specific layering recommendations until the students can become the masters.

Layering two scents within one fragrance family, for instance, will enhance your favourite notes from it. For us, the Truffle Cream and the Velvet Crush were our initial go-to gourmand scents. But mixing them up can be a real hit too – florals and fruits work incredibly well together (our many thanks to So…?’s masterclass for this wisdom), and we definitely recommend experimenting with the Marine and Sugar Plum layering for a gentle yet sweet sea breeze feel!

What’s more, the whole process is all conducted ethically, too. So…? prides itself on being cruelty-free, vegan friendly, and recyclable, and even extends its staunch anti-animal testing practice to other organisations that might work on its behalf.

We think the products are also an excellent entry point into fragrance families that individuals might not usually venture into. Being somebody that is relatively adverse to woody scents, the Cashmere with its sandalwood base genuinely and surprisingly impressed, and has become a personal firm favourite from the So…? Unique range.

It’s fairly clear that these fragrances really do have it all. So…? has positioned itself in the perfect position where quality and affordability meets adventure and creativity, and has done so without sacrificing values along the way. And the results are irresistible.

The products are available in over 30 countries worldwide, but you can try them out here in the UK via So…? Fragrance online, or via Boots both online and instore.



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