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As 2022 approaches, our screen exposure is inevitably increasing. This comes with correspondingly growing issues that remain widely underestimated - ones that the Barcelonian eyewear brand wanted to address. Barner’s answer is Screen Glasses, that conveniently satisfy both ocular health and appetite for good fashion alike.

It is a notion that seems deeply implicit, even more so in a time with such frequency of WFH – we are a society constantly immersed in gadgets and screens. We have accepted this and adapted our newly ergonomic workstations with adjustable chairs and padded wrist supports. Attentiveness, however, tends to stop when it comes to eyes, and Barner founders Edu and Ray wanted to offer an easy and attractive solution that customers would be eager to adopt to minimise their screens’ detrimental impact.

Style: "Le Marais", Colour: "Military Green"

Overexposure to blue light is theorised to affect sleep pattern, cause digital eye strain (accompanied by dry, sore eyes and headaches), and even prompt macular degeneration from damage to retinal cells – a primary cause of sight loss in the 50+ age group.

Understanding this, Barner created an extensive range of stylish eyewear in different shapes, sizes, and colours, so there really is something for everyone. The newest collection blocks 45% of blue light on the 430-450nm spectrum, and 100% of blue light at 410nm. The lenses themselves are neutral (making them effectively completely harmless), and prescription lenses are also possible for existing glass wearers. They are scratch resistant, have no mirror effect, and are exceptionally easy to clean.

Style: "Dalston", Colour: "Bright Sky"

The designs are simple and elegant, and importantly, they are remarkably lightweight with a rubberised texture, making their wear comfortable and their integration into day to day life truly seamless. They come with a soft neoprene pouch and microfibre cloth, and a cord to keep them always at hand. There is a lot to love about these!

Style: 'Chamberi', Colour: 'Tortoise'


Barner stylishly exhibit that the word ‘ergonomics’ doesn’t need to be just another business buzzword or lacklustre chore that needs to be completed. It’s easy, creative, and best of all – a mark of fashion. Self-care has never looked so good.

You can choose your style and have a virtual try-on here.




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