Omani Fragrance Brand OJAR Opens the Door to the World Beyond the Bottle

OJAR is more than just a fragrance. When Omani entrepreneur Sheikha Hind Bahwan embarked on her journey to create OJAR, it was with pure passion for perfume at the forefront. Already a successful businesswoman, she channelled her commercial experience into building out her vision – a lifestyle, a means of expression, and a philosophy, all through a creative and customisable fusion of fabulous fragrance oils.

There’s nothing lacking luxury when it comes to OJAR. The name itself comes from the word ‘Hojari’. Hojari is not only deemed the finest frankincense in the world, but it also serves as homage to the brand’s Omani origins, the valuable resin being sourced in the south of the country in Dhofar.

The art and ritual of perfumery is embedded in Omani and Middle Eastern culture, and a medium of self-expression for men and women alike. Tracing back to the roots is important for OJAR, and the same stands for the ingredients that are used in production. All are sustainably and responsibly sourced, many directly from the harvesters themselves to guarantee the greatest quality.

The Honey collection, featuring 'Halwa Kiss', with notes of cardamom, saffron and pistachio

Swiss global fragrance leader Givaudan played a key role in the creation of the perfumes, and effectively bridging the Eastern and Western cultures. Its team of perfumers worked closely with Bahwan to develop the 18 fragrances, based on six ingredients that form the base of the collections: rose, oud, sandalwood, honey, musk, and frankincense (there’s more on the fragrance notes here). With three variations of each, they have been specifically designed to encourage layering. Wearers are inspired to use the oils and sprays as a palette to create their own individual scents that represent themselves, an occasion, or their sentiment at the time. The possibilities are endless.

The 'Bois Monochrome' Absolute perfume oil from the Sandalwood collection is a tribute to the mysore tree, an Indian variety of the fig tree

Amongst the thousands of fragrances Harrods houses, they tell us that the response to OJAR has been incredible. Other than the attraction to the unique, evocative scents (and indeed the aesthetic appeal of the bottles), customers have been naturally curious about the innovative dual cap, allowing for both drop-on and roll-on application – a first in the industry.

The sleek adjustable pump enables easy layering with a number of perfumes

There is also the element of intimacy in the ritual of oil application, and in the current world that is seeing consumers increasingly value self-care, comfort, and indulgence, appetite for fragrance oils and similar products on the market has positively soared.

While Harrods is currently the sole bricks-and-mortar retailer in the UK, sources tell us there is a lot more to look forward to when it comes to OJAR in the new year, including potential projects outside the fragrance space. Stay tuned – we know we will.

This gorgeous set contains one of each of the 18 fragrances both in Oil and Eau de Parfum form

OJAR exudes excellence, built around passion, Sheikha Hind Bahwan's personal memories, and a wealth of experience. It’s an illustrative immersion of a lifestyle; a homage to the culture and values of Oman; a modern statement of quality and ingenuity. And most of all – it empowers the wearer with the confidence and the channel for expressionism. And this is just the start for OJAR - we confidently imagine that 2022 is going to be huge for the brand.




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