Urban Legend & Their Very Real 150-calorie Donuts Come To Clapham

Urban Legend has opened its second London store, this time at Clapham Junction, to deliver these delectable treats that come with as many calories as a single slice of buttered toast.

Out of all the ways we thought we would plan our 2022 eating habits, introducing donuts as our go-to dessert was not one of them. I must admit, we were sceptical too – but we are yet to find a catch with these glossy rings of joy. With their topping flavours rich and pastry textures fluffy, these soft sweet treats are the next best thing since sliced (toasted) bread.

The secret is in the sweetening ingredients. Steering away from the usual sugars and artificial sweeteners, natural sugars from healthy foods like melons and pears are used, evolving the mission to remove the junk from junk food.

There are currently 12 mouth-watering flavours to choose from, satisfying even the most selective of sweet-toothed customer. While you can opt for a traditional vanilla bean Glazed, the team at Urban Legend tells us Belgian Biccie with speculoos caramel icing is a popular choice, along with the Sunday Crumble, topped in spiced apple flavour and drizzled with vanilla custard.

For us, Berry Berry Berry caught our attention with its bold blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry sweetness, as did the Maple Blue with its maple and blueberry muffin toppings.

The Gold Flamingo advice? Don’t miss the Penny Sweet (raspberry and pineapple with crunchy candy), or if banana is your thing, then the Monkey’s Uncle (banoffee pie icing with toffee drizzle). But we can’t forget the Bubblegum Burst. Or the Lemon Drizzle. The real advice, in effect, is to take the plunge with a 24-donut box, because they’re all just that good.

The store is as bright as their donuts are delicious – you can’t miss it. You can get yourself a box at the new store at Shopstop, 20 St John's Hill, London SW11 1RU. 150-calorie donuts just as good as the 1,500-calorie ones? Sign us up.




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