Bombay Delight Serves A Spectacular Indian Success in Wimbledon

There is no shortage of Indian cuisine in London. But there certainly is a shortage of Indian dineries delivering a true, authentic walkthrough of local & regional life through their flavours and menus. This is the vision masterchef and founder Ajay Chaurasia has accomplished at Bombay Delight – and with notable success.

Bombay Delight is an Indian oasis in the midst of South West London. Oozing authenticity from each surface, Chaurasia staunchly stands by his tried-and-tested approach to his ingredients and menus, aiming to replicate the success of his first opening in Vauxhall. His recipes are sacred – they build on generations of traditional culinary wisdom, and are offered as they are for a true, genuine reflection of Bombay.

The restaurant itself is spacious, airy, and atmospheric. The cultural experience is an immersive as it is enthralling – there is incense burning throughout, a subtle Indian playlist in the backdrop, and impressive authentic art on every wall. Without being overbearing, it is intricate enough to capture the immediate intrigue of diners.

There is something for everyone in the appetizers, and they make for fantastic sharing plates to kick off the meal. The ‘Indo Chinese’ style Chilli Paneer is light but flavoursome, and packs quite the spicy punch for those who prefer it. The authentic Punjabi Samosas are a great choice to lay the foundation for the traditional flavours and spices, while the Tiltala Jhinga (king prawns coated with de-shelled sesame seeds & gram flour) are a customer favourite, offering a succulent bite with the perfect crisp on the outside.

The starters are beautifully presented - some even arrive on a metal bike stand that is perfect for the 'Gram!

The mains are broken down into tandoori, biryani, seafood, chicken, lamb, and vegetarian curry sections, each with several regional options to choose from. From the chicken curries, the famous Kolhapuri Murgi brings you a traditional taster from the Maharashtra region – the chicken is cooked in coconut, chilli, and onion tomato, for a spicy and luxuriously creamy texture.

The classic butter chicken. A crowd-pleasing base with a Bombay Delight touch of magic.

The Lamb Angara is deliciously tender and packed with flavour, offering slow flame-cooked meat with onion, tomato, ginger, garlic & house spices. The Lamb Rogan Josh is also a great lamb choice, the Bombay Delight take on Kashmir’s much-loved curry being a do-not-miss for any fans of this spicy, warming dish.

The Alleppey Fish Curry is one to note too for something more unique, with coconut and raw mango for a fruity and satisfying twist.

Bombay Delight has distinctive seafood creations on the menu, and the staff are more than happy to share their recommendations and stories behind each one

Not leaving room for dessert should not be an option at Bombay Delight – in fact, the final course offering is worth the visit in itself. The warm Chocolate Coffee Cake is one of the most decadent desserts we have tried, its delicate richness only enhanced by the accompanying creamy sauce. The homemade coconut ice cream is its perfect compliment. The frequent sell-out item is the Gulab Jamun. The fried dough balls are made from milk solids & soaked with an aromatic sugar syrup for a real crowd-pleasing option.

The Gajar Ka Halwa (carrot pudding topped with nuts & dry fruits) is rich and velvety - a fantastic way to complete the meal!

There is a real storytelling element to the menu, and it is remarkably impressive how well versed the amicable staff are to describe it in all its intricacies – both through the eyes of Chaurasia, and through their own, drawing on personal memories and experiences to draw you into your own journey through Bombay from your seat in London. It’s really quite magical.

10/10 on the desserts

It is worth highlighting the meticulous furnishing and cohesive décor at Bombay Delight. Everything from the beautiful table surfaces and elaborate chairs to the sweeping counters and patterned floors are designed and created in Bombay itself specifically for the restaurant – some even in Chaurasia’s own home town – and imported to the UK. This is authenticity at its best.

There is a lot to love about this distinctive dining experience, and the enjoyment begins from your first step through the door and lasts until well after you leave. You can find Bombay Delight’s brilliant new restaurant at 271-273 The Broadway, London SW19 1SD – you can’t miss it!




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