Karak Chaii Offers Incredible Indian & Middle Eastern Streetfood With the ‘Perfect Cup’ of Chai

Karak Chaii’s newest branch in Hounslow is one that’s worth travelling across to if you aren’t local to the area. With an eponymous drink well worthy of the advertised title of the ‘perfect cup of Chai’, and a strong streetfood selection on a deliciously creative menu that walks through India and the Middle East, it leaves guest with satisfied stomachs, warmed souls, and a craving for more the following day.

Last week saw the doors of Karak Chaii opening at 26C High St in Hounslow, in an evening of live music, fantastic entertainment, and great company. It also provided the perfect opportunity to showcase the restaurant’s spectacular take on the traditional sweet tea and its streetfood.

Created with a black tea leaves, milk, and sugar, the warm drink blends spices such as cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom for a rich and flavoursome unique take. At Karak Chaii, they have mastered the delicate balance between the ingredients to elevate each flavour and create that perfect luxurious consistency – and it’s honestly one of the best we’ve ever had. There’s also Cinammon, Mint, and Saffron Chai available, as well as a selection an iced options.

If Karak Chaii isn’t your cup of tea(!), the Pink Tea with Pistachio will certainly tick the boxes. It’s a real menu highlight.

Of course, Karak Chaii is more than just about chai. It offers a delicious array of easy streetfood that has carefully been concocted with Indian and Middle Eastern influences, to merge the distinct flavours of the regions and to enhance the menu into a cross-generational crowd pleaser.

Highlights include everyone’s favourite Chilli Paneer, Butter Chicken, & Masala Chips. Also notable is the Aloo Tikki Chaat, a traditional Indian snack made with potatoes and spices, topped with creamy yoghurt, spices, and pomegranate.

And while there’s more than enough delights in the streetfood offering to have you positively rolling out of the gorgeously mirrored eatery, dessert here isn’t one to be missed. Amongst others, there’s Gulab Jamon (traditional rose syrup soaked donuts) and Gajar (carrot) Halwa, but it’s the warm Nutella Bites that really have us going nuts – there’s no skimping on the filling in these!

‘Ended up at Karak Chaii’, reads the flower-draped wall in large neon letters – and like the rest of the restaurant’s offering, it’s not just words. Karak Chaii offers a casual yet immersive snippet into the travels of its founders, full of vivid flavours and colours, and with phenomenal value. And it certainly has us coming back for more.

You can find the newest opening at 26C High St, Hounslow TW3 1NW, with more details here.




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