Shewolf Infuses Character & Soul Into High Performance Hair Range

“The packaging looks friendly”, Shewolf creator/haircare superstar Mariano Ruiz remarks, “…but the product is a bomb”.

We soon learn that this couldn’t be any truer. Shewolf offers a refreshingly fun yet highly effective range of award-winning haircare that encapsulates performance-driven formulations, cutting-edge science, and a flair for fragrance into bottles brimming with personality and ready to revolutionise the routine of haircare.

The range consists of a small number of highly targeted products, designed to be absorbed rather than to work from the surface. They work on hair molecules on the inside while leaving no residue on the outer coat. There are no signs of artificial colours, sulphates, or parabens in the products, and it’s a hard ‘no’ on animal testing. Simple, powerful, and thoughtful.

The Inca Oil Hydrating range, awarded the 2021 Marie Claire Hair Award, is designed to lock in moisture for weakened, dry, or damaged hair. The Amaranth Volumising Shampoo, Ruiz’s personal favourite, focuses on thickening, strengthening, and plumping hair, while the Sweet Almond Shampoo & Conditioner combats frizz and subsequent colour loss.

Each product comes with a deliciously exotic scent, from spicy cloves & sandalwood to juicy pomegranate & orange, merging Ruiz’s love for fragrance & own Mediterranean summer memories with his passion for haircare & styling.

The game-changer for us is the Apricot Butter Pre-shampoo Hydrating Mask. It uses apricot butter packed with super-conditioning oils to noticeably improve softness, while the natural fig and tuberose fragrance adds a zingy, fresh feel to the application ritual. The hero product is aimed for hair in need of deep conditioning with a minimum of 30 min application, but works as an indulgent treat for the regular to dry bracket, just like a regular face mask.

The Apricot Butter Hydrating Mask contains fibres to open and repair the bonds in hair, adjusting its PH. The shampoo and conditioner application then reseals the hydrating goodness in the nourished strands.

The Shewolf story is rooted in Ruiz’s desire to create a light-hearted but fierce legacy. 22 years of experience in theatre and high-end salons left him with a deep craving for something different, less serious, and more fun.  He and his chemist and close companion Catherine worked to incrementally develop 15 to 18 cutting-edge formulas for each product, with roughly 30 different fragrance combinations to finally achieve the final outputs. Ruiz is notoriously hands-on, insisting on achieving perfect performance with the products while maintaining the true lovably social essence of the Shewolf character.

A relentless testing process meant that everybody Ruiz crossed paths with became a litmus test to achieve the perfect results.

By design, the collection will always remain personal and limited in breadth. The lack of interest in corporate expansion is a testament to Ruiz’s passion to infuse his experience into Shewolf as both a stylist and a consumer, preferring to have a small set of spectacular products than numerous just good ones.

Shewolf brings back the secrets of Tsubaki Oil from her Japan travels, injecting instant hydration an shine to transform frizzy, dull, and dry hair into smooth, silky, and luscious locks.

Ruiz describes Shewolf as a relationship-driven citizen of the world – a character with an international passport. It’s only natural, therefore, that her small collection of products work effectively for all citizens of the world, from hair thick or thin, coarse or smooth, or attention-requiring or not. He answers to the fact that while everyone’s hair is different, a simple, no-jargon, collectively effective toolkit was indeed long overdue.

This is truly a brand for all, full of laughter and soul. Shewolf wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can browse through the entire capsule collection directly through Shewolf’s site here, where you can shop the range (we recommend the Pre Shampoo Hydrating Mask), and learn more about her adventurous story.




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