Keakie Promises to Shake Up Music Streaming with New Premium Platform

Meet Keakie, a unique music platform for mixes, podcasts, and radio shows that’s promising to revolutionise how we stream.

In a world where the likes of SoundCloud, Spotify, and Mixcloud are saturated with more content that we can consume, you must be wondering just how much space there is for yet another tool that performs an essentially similar function but with a different name and logo.

Image: Keakie

Keakie, however, isn’t like the others. It prioritises playlist quality rather than maximising meaningless stats, offering content that is handpicked by humans to ensure that it is top quality and fully catered. The platform isn’t targeted at casual listeners, but avid music lovers who like to be the first to discover great new tracks and talented artists from around the world. And Keakie’s own global community of expert DJs and storytellers are the guardians of its premium quality.

Image: Keakie

The ‘premium’ content tagline isn’t just a buzzword – Keakie is run as invitation-only, so in order to feature on the platform, the team of curators need to be convinced that the content can match up to the high standards of the rest of the material. It’s a win for the artists whose work is seen alongside others at the top of their game, and a win for the listeners tired of hitting the ‘skip’ buttons on otherwise decent playlists.

Jake Lazarus, co-founder & CTO of Keakie

In fact, the ‘skip’ function doesn’t exist on Keakie, and nor does the ‘shuffle’. The idea is that the listeners hear the sounds in the way that the artists intended them to be experienced, with no dilution, interference, or interaction needed.

The app itself is an impressive piece of technology, offering a truly seamless streaming experience. There’s no glitches or crashes or complex menus to navigate through. And you won’t find intrusive adverts on its every inch. Your focus is purely on the music – and deciding just how loud you want to go.

Image: Keakie

It’s a breath of fresh air in an ocean of noise in this market – precise, professional, and a platform for genuine music discovery and indulgence. And the biggest bonus? It’s all free.

From house and hip-hop to Caribbean and Latin American, there’s a genre for everyone. Move over, Spotify. Keakie has a new way of doing things, and with a whole globe of expert DJs and top tier musicians behind it, it has all the potential to be the future of all music streaming where it matters.




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